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  1. @F22910 Mine says incomplete as well, so I wouldn't worry too much about it!
  2. Just finished submitting all 13 of my applications. Online forms are haunting my dreams.
  3. Here is a list from thread from last year. I am not sure how updated this information is, but it should give you a general idea. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XZ7ejtJETaRH7ufh2O1S21HOeTTy9EYgi7Z5vUHCRLI/edit#gid=0
  4. Good luck with all of your application preparation!!
  5. I think since you have not had contact for a good amount of time, I would start with a more general re-introductory email. Remind them of your general goals and research interests, your intent to apply for PhD programs, and that you are reaching out to ask them for a little. I would also include something like - "If you feel like you are able to write a strong letter for me, I would happy to send over my application materials (SOP, CV, Writing Sample)." You may also wish to ask them to help review your materials and that you would be happy to set up a zoom meeting if it would be beneficial.
  6. @M(allthevowels)H Though Vanderbilt is not on my list, this is really wonderful information. I would love to see other people's similar summaries of their departments!
  7. This may be an obvious thing to point out, but is there a particular period, country, or other factor you are most interested in with life writing? If you prefer to study contemporary American memoirs of the South, you want to apply to programs that have strong contemporary American/Southern studies scholars. If you are most interested in queer life writing, you want to apply to programs that have faculty working in queer studies. If you are most interested in early modern life writing, you want to apply to programs with strong early modern scholars (and so on). Since life writing is such a br
  8. I think it would be generally advisable that your writing sample should match the your intended primary field of interest. So, if you decide to discuss your intention to pursue e.m. literature, it would make more sense to choose the e.m. paper over the victorian paper to showcase your work in the field.
  9. Hey friends, I am excited to be back to GradCafe for another cycle! I will be applying to PhD programs in English Lit. this fall. I am excited for my semester to be over, so I can start doing more research on programs!
  10. I would absolutely recommend The University of Mississippi. We have a huge emphasis on Southern Studies and Southern lit.
  11. I lived in Albuquerque for a few years before moving to my program this past fall. I don't know many specifics about UNM English, but can answer any questions about ABQ or NM!
  12. Yep, they loosened it to 1-1. I am saddened to hear it was so much more back then especially given the stipend amount as it is even now.
  13. Just a quick note to point out that both the MFA and MA program at the University of Mississippi don't have a "huge teaching load" - you T.A. year 1 and 3 and teach first-year writing in year 2- and while the stipend is perhaps lower than other programs, it is fully-funded for all grad students.
  14. I would say get as close to the requirement as you can. The program that I am attending in the fall had a 20-25 page requirement on their website. I submitted a piece that was 15 pages, the best section from my undergrad thesis. So, some programs may not really care as long as the writing is strong and unique.
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