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  1. saw a couple new posts on the results page and nearly flipped why still no news????? I might implode out of sheer anticipation aaaaaaaaaaagshshsja
  2. this person who applied to a program that is specifically targeted at people with three years or less of experience 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Columbia University Journalism School MS Program, Masters (S17) Rejected via Website on 15 Mar 2017 A 15 Mar 2017 I received a rejection via website, after an email was submitted. I am extremely, extremely shocked. I have 3-4 years of internship experience with Fortune 500 companies and publishing brands in the PR, media and communications industry (Conde Nast, Edelman etc.). I have an extended 2 years of Manager/Director experience in start-up environments including an editorial role with a podcast for CBS Radio. This is more than most admitted students in the program over the years. I can get a top job in Journalism regardless, but it would have been nice to have extensive training from the best school in the world. I do think there is a bit of a bias when it comes to students with strong experiences in writing, who've shown they've already succeeded without graduate level training. I don't think this should intimidate the Dean or Professors, but it seems to be a problem for them (I notice a lot of people who get into the Columbia graduate programs have less than 3 years of experience or no experience at all. I know there are applicants with better experiences than this, but Columbia seems to shy away from them). Best of luck to everyone who was admitted! they were so close to understanding!!
  3. Googling around I've seen a few people celebrating their acceptance letters but no one specifies which program (MA or MS) 😓
  4. I am so nervous!! I have to write two papers and I just can't concentrate.
  5. Hey! I took the exam today and I found it was indeed less ID-heavy than the Princeton Review book suggests. However, there is some useful advice in there. They explain how test writers can't expect that you know everything ever written in English (and a bunch of other stuff) by heart, which I guess is pretty obvious, but it's important to really keep it in mind, because it leads to the only advice you need: LOOK FOR CLUES. The PR is also useful in all the other ways mentioned above (I'm from Argentina so the timeline and lists really helped fill in the blanks left by my somewhat patchy English Literature knowledge), but I think Parts I and II were the most useful, so don't go straight for those A-B-C lists.
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