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  1. I saw someone got in to UMass Amherst and I've been trying to check my status, but I just activated my SPIRE account and it won't recognize me when I try to login. I know it said it could take a few minutes but it's been like 20 minutes. Did anyone else have this issue? 😭 Edit: Never mind, IT helped. Unfortunately still no news 😭
  2. Hi all! I've perused some threads regarding moving, but I've been having trouble finding information about moving a long distance and doing it on a budget. I live in Hawai'i and unless I stay at my MA university for my PhD program, I will guaranteed be moving across an actual ocean and potentially a whole continent. I've never moved off-island (I lived in Italy for a semester, but you can do that with a suitcase and no furniture) and I'm still living in my first apartment, which I got to move to over about a month since I'm only about 10 minutes from my parents. Of course, moving cross-country
  3. So I can see that I'm half a year late to this thread, and I'm sure you've made a decision, but for others, I have at least a bit of thoughts. I'm close with a lot of professors in my department, so I've been able to hear the faculty/admin discussions about all of this. We're in Hawai'i and have a major element in our university system about being a Hawaiian place of learning (of course, debate abounds over how faithful the admin is to this, but the point stands). Because of this and the improving COVID situation (though Hawai'i is not doing so hot now), there is a lot of talk about living req
  4. So, I'm certainly not an expert as I applied a few cycles ago, got into the BU MA program, and decided not to go, but I can tell you at least part of why I decided not to go. Of course the main thing was finances (it wasn't a funded MA), but vibe was part of it, particularly in specialties and focuses. I come from University of Hawaii, Manoa, an English program that isn't classic by any means and has a major focus in world lit, postcolonial lit, and feminist theory, and I had a fraction of the usual lessons in "classics" and general "canon" literature. Boston University is not that. The first
  5. Hahaha no, no worries. When I applied for PhD and MA programs out of undergrad, I think I applied to like 15 schools hahaha. It's so nerve-wracking. I do lots of research all the time, and when I applied to undergrad, I knew all the stats and ranks and everything, but graduate school is so different. It's not as much of a numbers game (and, ugh, the numbers are terrifying because most programs accept between 8 and 20 (thought 20 feels very high)) as it is a fit game--it's all program specializations, faculty interests, and who is or isn't in the program already. It's a wild time. I think this
  6. Hey! I actually work at the UHM Center for Biographical Research. Let me know if you want to get in touch and I can tell you more about the program and faculty! From the work I do, a lot of the bigger programs aren't in the US - many are in Australia, the UK, Canada, and some other European countries. I'd say UHM is good, too, for anyone look at both a theoretical and creative approach - we're one of the few universities that offers a PhD in creative writing.
  7. Hi all! I'm applying for the 2022 cycle as well with a solid 11 schools. I applied to some MAs and some PhDs a few years ago (2019 cycle), worked on an MA, and now I'm back to it. As a kind of second-timer, I can try to offer any advice!
  8. I'll be applying for Fall 2022! I'm currently at the University of Hawai'i, Mānoa, trying to compile my list for PhD programs after a crazy pandemic year o_o
  9. Hi all! I got a tip from my advisor that a lot of programs (especially those with a lot of funding) are probably going to pause admissions for this application cycle. Obviously, this is a big wrench in the plans for me, and I'm sure for some of you out there as well. I was hoping we could put this thread together to document which programs won't be accepting applications for Fall 2021, as announcements will probably be coming out between now and November. So far, there are rumors they'll be shutting down Princeton's English PhD admissions for the year, and apparently UChicago will be acce
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