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  1. This is a few years old but tends to be pretty close for a lot of programs:
  2. Most schools don't conduct interviews. From the top of my mind, Duke (Literature), Chicago (their process was explained above!), UMass (because their funding is separate?), Emory, Northeastern, Notre Dame, and Southern Methodist University conduct interviews.
  3. Please remember that you are not your acceptances. You are not your writing sample nor are you your statement of purpose. You are not your grades. You are much more than that. Please don't let your acceptances define you.
  4. I have never heard of anyone's offer being rescinded because they shared details.
  5. I know of someone who had a letter submitted two weeks late due to illness. They e-mailed the program post deadline to let them know. They were still accepted. Professors generally know that other professors are busy because they're also likely writing letters for students to get into other programs. They also know it is outside of your control so I would try not to stress over it.
  6. Cleared. Abuse is NOT tolerated here nor is it tolerated on the Results page. Application season is stressful; there is no reason to make it more stressful for anyone.
  7. Regardless of program, I think it would be a losing battle. My thoughts are similar to what @kineto has expressed. Program interests are likely to change. You may or may not get along with someone who you were originally interested in. They may get sick. They may get a job offer elsewhere regardless of tenure status. They might have no interest in taking on grad students. It's also possible that they don't believe you've done your research enough and are just applying to a program because you want the "name" associated with it. They might see this as not being open-minded enough to
  8. Hi @Nutsa, I think there are a few things to break down in this post: 1. The Ivy League refers to a sports conference that undergraduates are eligible to play in. Columbia is part of that sports league; NYU is not part of that sports league. 2. Rankings at the undergraduate level differ (which ranks schools as a "whole") tend to be different from rankings at the graduate level 3. Some schools which might not be top ranked for a subject might have a better "subranking" for a specific subject 4. Besides grades and scores, your interests and who is in the application pool will determi
  9. Multiple people have an MA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing. For many, it's allowed them to decide whether they're looking for a PHD in English, Creative Writing, or Rhetoric/Composition.
  10. I'd advise against manipulating page margins. It's likely that most programs expect size 12, tnr, double-spaced. If you don't follow their expectations, it's likely that they'll just refuse to take a look at your application. Part of the reason they have requirements is to ensure that each applicant have the ability to have the same amount of space to express themselves. It would be unfair if some applicants had significantly more time or space to express why they should have a spot. This is a field that will require lots of rewrites. Grants will have different expectations from another as wil
  11. Unless you worked on a research project together, I don't think there is a need to mention your significant other in any capacity. If you did work together on a research project, you can use the word "colleague".
  12. Most, if not all, programs expect you to send transcripts from any institutions you've attended. Refusal to disclose is often seen as dishonesty and a reason and a reason to rescind admission. If any stipends were given, this information is even easier to obtain. Academia is a small circle so trust is even more important.
  13. I think that would be a great idea. I'd be able to pin it if it were created. I think my only request would be that a link to the information be provided in an attempt to provide the most accurate information.
  14. At this point, I'm wondering if it would be easier to keep up with the programs who have confirmed they're accepting applications next cycle.
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