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  1. Warelin

    2019 Applicants

    This has been common for Chicago to do. Chicago receives around 600 applications per year. They e-mail interview requests to 30. There are a total of 20-25 interview spots. And they accept roughly 10-15 post interview. Duke English, Notre Dame and Emory are the other schools which commonly do interviews. Emory and Notre Dame have a set weekend for people they consider their top applicants. They accept about half of them and everyone else is placed on a waitlist. In recent years, they've occassionally reached out to someone post-weekend, but it's rare.
  2. Warelin

    2019 Applicants

    Congratulations! A very well-deserved break!
  3. I think writing an abstract and reducing your strongest paper to 10 pages is the best way to go. In the best case scenario, ignoring their suggestion will result in nothing happening. It might also result in the committee choosing to stop reading after the 10th page. In the worst case scenario, ignoring their suggestion could lead them to question your ability to follow directions and might have them question if you'd be able to work with or if they'd even like to work with you. I think this is also good practice for academia or other jobs. For publications, every journal has a different set of instructions to follow. Some will want MLA; some will want APA; some will want chicago style. Some will want 5000 words; Some will want 6000 words and it'll be likely that your word count will be higher than what they want and editing will be an important part of those submissions. And then there's the academic job market where each school will have different ways of how they want your philosophy of teaching statement, your CV (which will change depending on whether it's a teaching-oriented or research-focused college/university) and various other parts of the application.
  4. Warelin

    Best psyd programs in New England?

    I think it's important to realize a few things: -The college you graduate from does not guarantee you to get a job within the same area - The "best" college depends on what you're interested in specifically in Clinical Psychology -Research interests can change a lot from your 3rd year until you apply during your 4th year (And they might even change during your gap year) I think it's important to talk to your professors and seek their advice on their experiences. Try to volunteer for them if you can to get a better understanding of the field to ensure that's what you want to do. By forming a stronger relationship with them, they'll be able to write you a stronger letter of recommendation and they may be able to make program recommendations that they think would be a great fit for you.
  5. Warelin

    2019 Applicants

    My e-mail has this link: https://www.gradmit.buffalo.edu/etw/gradmit.asp which links to http://www.gradmit.buffalo.edu/etw/ets/et.asp?nxappid=GRA&nxmid=start
  6. Warelin

    2019 Applicants

    Hmm odd. I remember that link or a similar link showing missing documents when I originally applied. I'll search through my e-mail to see if I can find a different link.
  7. Warelin

    2019 Applicants

    Is this the link you're using to check? http://www.gradmit.buffalo.edu/etw/ets/et.asp?nxappid=GRA&nxmid=start
  8. I think this is where your SOP should begin. I would recommend starting there and deleting everything else. The reader doesn't know until this part about what you're interested in and where you'd fit into the scholary conversation. If a member can't figure out where you fit until they reach the 4th or 5th paragraph, they would have already moved on. Close read Derrida. Close read Hemingway or the character you think is underheard. Be hyperspecific about the Professsor's work as well. Name dropping is only effective if it shows a very clear understanding of the Professor's work.
  9. Warelin

    When do we start to hear back?

    https://www.thegradcafe.com/survey/index.php?q=speech+language+pathology will show you when universities have previously accepted or rejected some students in the past.
  10. Hi Teddy, I've gone ahead and merged your boards. In the future, there's no need to create an additional board to continue to talk about additional changes to your existing board about the same topic.
  11. Warelin

    Resume vs CV?

    @Bopie5: I think it's important to realize that your CV will evolve over time and colleges aren't expecting you to have as many experiences as someone who has spent more time in the field, (Last year, I had to narrow down my teaching-focused CV from 6 pages to 2!) With that being said, I think I think this link by the University of South Florida will help you prepare the basics of your CV. I'd argue against the notion of explaining what things are in too much detail because it might appear to be more of a resume at that point. However, sometimes a small summary of what that position entailed could be helpful. Best of luck!
  12. Warelin

    Faculty Advisor Titles

    I think it's important to realize that the Humanities and Sciences work differently. In the humanities, professors generally don't take on students as their advisees until after students have gone through coursework. This is becuse Faculty are aware that students may have a change in what they're interested in after taking a variety of coursework within the field. In the sciences, funding is often tied to a professor and you'll often be working on that professor's projects. Unless it says they're a visiting professor or postdoc, it's generally safer to assume that it's a permanent position. Sometimes, it comes with some additional conference funding for their research. Sometimes (not always), it's a way for a university or department to note that this person has contributed something important to the field or to the university or department. A full professor is a tenured professor who has passed their evaluation to be promoted from Associate Professor. Moving from Associate Professor to Professor isn't guaranteed and it's possible to spend your career at one university without being promoted to Professor. I think that depends. Academia is a career in which people tend to retire later, rather than earlier from. People who have been a professor for a longer time often have more connections and understand publications better. On the opposite end, they're less likely to have an understanding of the current job market and less likely to want to collaborate on a publication. I think as long as you're targetting Professors, rather than instructors (which does not imply temporary work either -- just a teaching track, rather than a research track), you'll be fine. Good luck!
  13. I should've addressed this earlier but I can confirm that the subject test is due to the Grad School. I have been reassured that the Department will not and does not hold it against you if you don't submit a Subject Test Score. The SOP and Writing Sample remain the two most important things.
  14. Stanford's Graduate Admissions does expand on what it wants. "You may upload one file; it should not exceed two pages in length, single-spaced. Make sure to set your computer to Western European or other English-language setting. We cannot guarantee the ability to access your statement if it is submitted in other fonts."
  15. Warelin

    2019 Applicants

    Northwestern will mark your application as complete as long as two of your letters of recommendations are received a week after the application due date. They will add the third letter when it comes. If you know ahead of time that your letter writer will be late due to other circumstances, I'd contact the Graduate Coordinator to let him be aware of it. Nate was great at keeping up with what materials were still needed last year.

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