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  1. HCI / Informatics PhD Decision

    Are you applying for an MA or PHD? What's your funding like at each school? Is it enough to live in the city? What are the employment prospects in each city for your partner? Does each program allow you to have flexibility in the person(s) you work with? Can you imagine yourself living in each city for several years? Do the faculty members you'd be working with have a prior placement record in previous schools they've worked at?
  2. Master in Hotel Management: UNLV OR CORNELL?

    I'm not sure if the two can be compared. Cornell's concentrations are in: Marketing Management Operations and Revenue Management Real Estate Entrepreneurship UNLV's concentrations are in: Gaming Management Meetings and Events PGA Golf Management Restaurant Management Which are you interested in? Of the two, Cornell is more well-known but the degree won't benefit you if you aren't interested in what their concentrations are.
  3. The board below might find that information more helpful! https://forum.thegradcafe.com/forum/95-speech-language-pathology/
  4. Rhet/Comp 2018

    I'm not sure if Illinois is sending waitlist notifications. I think they prefer to accept people once spots become available. I'll likely be turning down my spot this week.
  5. Honolulu, HI

    This thread has also been created here in 2012.
  6. I think this helps to prove that fit is ultimately, a very weird thing and is not only determined by how well faculty matches, but where the department is hoping to be (which is really an impossible thing to determine in any given year. Applying broadly to schools that have a major interest to you is a very important thing to do as you'll never know where you might fit into a school's puzzle. The ivies have often been said to recruit from the same pool but @punctilious' husband earned 1 acceptance, 1 waitlist, and 1 rejection from the Ivy League and had mixed results elsewhere. It's important to not apply only to top 10 schools, but also to not discount schools just because they are ranked highly. Faculty fit + Institutional goals + class profile all play a much larger role which may be invisible during the whole process to us as applicants.
  7. Based on the guaranteed conference funding, the fact that it is an MA-only program, and the 1-2 teaching load: I think Vermont is a really hard offer to beat for the following reasons: 1. PHD students aren't competing with you for a professor's time. This might seem like a small thing now but less graduate students mean that you'll be able to develop closer relationships and might be given priority when certain projects become available. 2. I enjoy teaching. But I was fortunate to transition from the writing center during my first year, to a 1-1 teaching load during my second year, to a 2-2 for my last 2 years during the MFA program. I taught significantly more during my MA as an adjunct at different universities but I was used to teaching by then. I had learned how I best teach and how to apply those concepts. I'm not sure if I would have as much confidence now if I went straight into teaching. YMMV. 3. Guaranteed funding means you won't have to worry about being able to present at a conference you want to due to funds. Presenting at the conference you want to present at based on interests means you'll be able to make connections sooner and with people that you're more likely to be interested in. It allows you to better understand current scholarship in the field. 4. It sounds like the Lake could be a good way for you to 'recharge' or 'relax'. I think both are incredibly important because you will be a member of the community and there will be days that you need to unwind in the city.
  8. I don't believe that ranking does matter at the MA level. (A lot of this is due to schools not being ranked at the MA level. A PHD program's prestige does not lend itself to the MA level. FWIW: I went to a liberal arts college during my undergrad; a flagship state university for my MFA (R2); a private research university for my PHD (R3) and I'll be attending an R1 university this upcoming fall for my PHD. However, these are things I'd ask about both programs when comparing the two: 1) Placement rates: You mentioned that both have great placement rates. How updated is their information? Where do students get accepted after finishing the MA? What percentage of students apply for the PHD? Are these the types of schools that you're interested in? 2) Professionalization experience. Does the school offer funding for conferences? (At my current school, funding is not guaranteed by the department but everyone who applies for it, generally gets it as long as the funds are there. It's been my understanding that the funds run dry around mid-spring. If you apply before then, they'll reimburse all costs (transportation, food, hotel, conference registration) up to $1000 total. The limit is even higher for international conferences 3) Do they offer opportunities to teach? Be an RA? Tutor at the writing center? 4) Program: How big is each cohort? Can you take programs in other departments of interest? Can you be happy in the city that each is located in? What times do they offer most grad courses? How many courses are you expected to take each semester? Do students seem happy there? How closely will you work with professors?
  9. Called to withdraw myself from the Miami waitlist (Rhet/Comp PHD in this case) where I was previously told I was on "the very top" of the list. Good luck to everyone.
  10. I think it's important to note that Berkeley Rhetoric and English are two separate programs. Unfortunately, rejections always come much later than waitlists and acceptances for most programs.
  11. Programs will only accept you if they believe you can succeed. They will not accept you if they do not 100 percent believe that you would succeed in their program.
  12. I hope you're wrong and that you get accepted at UCR! From my interactions with talking to multiple programs this year, most seem to be accepting fewer applicants outright and a few have managed to better utilize their waitlist because they're no longer accepting twice as many people as they have spots.
  13. I think there's a good chance that you'll make it off the waitlist.
  14. Thanks for the link. I've come across that link before and have used it at one point to determine LWR but a professor told me that it was outdated. The ratio given back for Austin and Boulder seemed to be off due to their recent spikes in prices. She said that MIT's living wage calculator was the most accurate tool she has found to date with cities she's familiar with.