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  1. When should I start to panic with no interview invite

    https://www.thegradcafe.com/survey/ If you search by school and program, you can get a rough idea of when programs started to notify in previous years. You can also see if anyone has posted about acceptances for this cycle.
  2. GRE cutoff

    This differs from department to department but: I'd double-check to see if Brown accepts alumni into its PHD program. There are some schools that don't allow alumni into their phd programs because they want new ideas to contribute to the academia. I know a few top schools have a similar policy. I also know it can differ department to department. Brown states that they don't have a minimum GRE score. Nor does Harvard. Are you applying this cycle or next? https://www.thegradcafe.com/survey/index.php?q=harvard+art+history According to the above, Harvard's PHD in Art History hovers around a 162V-170V. However, it is far from a complete photo as GradCafe tends to attract a crowd that tends to be extremely competitive.
  3. Regarding meeting potential supervisor

    It's possible that he is very busy due to it being the end of fall semester. He could be grading finals, responding to student e-mails, getting ready for application season or a number of other things. How long has it been since you first e-mailed? How long has it been since he told you to "ping him again and fix the exact time for a chat" after his lecture ends? Unfortunately, it sounds like you've done all you can do at the current time and the ball is in his court now.
  4. Cornell says the following on their page: "We welcome applications for graduate study from students with various backgrounds, such as physics, chemistry, engineering, geological sciences, and mathematics, in addition to the atmospheric sciences. Each of these backgrounds can be appropriate for an advanced degree in Atmospheric Science, but all applicants should have a solid undergraduate-level background in physics and mathematics"
  5. Sending transcripts

    Congratulations on being done! I'm sure that it is quite a relief being finished.
  6. Sending transcripts

    I thought Syracuse only required official transcripts if accepted?
  7. Recommendation Not Sent in Time

    Universities know that you can't control when your writers submit their part of your application. As a result, most of them tend to be quite understanding if your professor is late in submitting their letter. Universities have told me "as long as the letter isn't extremely late, it won't count against you". I'm not sure what they consider extremely late, but my guess is about a week.
  8. You have a very interesting profile. The first thing I would do if I were you: Check to see the requirements for grad schools you might be interested in. Some schools require a 3.0 overall. Some require a 3.5 overall for admission. Was ModPO for official UPenn credit? Or is it a platform similar to Coursera? If the latter, I'm not sure if it would count for anything. Were the Emory courses taken for credit? Did you get a letter grade on them? Can you provide a transcript to schools? How many credits (excluding first-year writing) do you have in English? Was it your minor? A lot of colleges prefer that you have 15-18 credits of English if it wasn't your major. This varies by school but most of them do have minimums. Sadly, poetry events won't count much for PHD admissions in English. If the poems were your original work, they might count more if you were interested in obtaining an MFA in Creative Writing. Quant scores don't matter to the great majority of schools. But sometimes, funding is based on your combined score. The schools that I've looked it have stated that they prefer letters from professors. Some require it. Some say that anything else is useless. Is there a chance you can get additional letters from previous Professors in English?
  9. 2018 Applicants

    I think most MA programs don't expect you to have figured out your research interests. The MA allows you to take a variety of courses to better figure out your research interests. As a result, most MA programs are checking to see if they believe you would succeed working at a higher level. This differs from PHD programs because they're more focused on "fit".
  10. CUNY for rhet/comp?

    I thought CUNY fixed that a few years ago? "Admission is extremely competitive; we admit an incoming cohort of 20 students each year. Every admitted applicant receives full funding for five years, and other fellowship funding is available."
  11. I don't think that conferences matter much for the purposes of admissions. It won't break or make an application but I do think it helps you to get involved with the current discussions happening in Academia.
  12. I have a background in English and Creative Writing. I'm splitting applications this season between rhet/comp and English.
  13. Do I know you? Our backgrounds are really similar and we both live in philly.
  14. How important is it to have 3 LOR?

    A fair number of programs allow some time for letter writers to submit after the deadline. Usually, letter writers can submit even after the application is submitted. Professors can be very busy people in academia and universities expect and respect that.
  15. If you received any grants, loans or scholarships for that year, they will find out. If you hide it from them and they find out after you've been admitted, they can rescind your offer.