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  1. Hopefully someone above you will get another award and have to decline the CGS so you can move up and get it!
  2. I still can't believe it, but I was selected, actually awarded a Vanier CGS from SSHRC. I applied last year and was not selected, so if any of you are still eligible for next year, be sure to apply again. I almost didn't after the disappointment of not getting it last year. But look at the numbers and you can see that it's almost like a lottery, my applications were basically the same last year (plus new accomplishments) and this year, but obviously different reviewers read them. My academic ranking, for example, makes no sense as I have all above 95% grades... It's a serious honor to hav
  3. Same. My Trudeau application went to national last year but did not even bother to apply this year because it seemed that you need to have written about 10 books, been the mayor of a medium sized town, discovered a new particle or element, invented solar power, and also be photogenic in order to win that one.
  4. In my case my university was the one to tell me, as a current doctoral student. By the way, did you all notice that the font requirements allow Arial 10 point? Everyone seems to think this is too small, but from what I saw, they read these online so it doesn't matter, they just want something at least that big which is clear enough on a screen. I find that a lot of Vanier advice seems to actually be SSHRC/CIHR/etc doctoral award advice, without paying attention to specifics of Vanier instructions.
  5. Anyone else find out they're going on to the national competition? More proposal and CCV editing...
  6. You mean the leadership self-assessment? Or the letter about your leadership from someone else, unless you're writing both?
  7. Oh yes. Yay for a second attempt.
  8. Rejection is tolerable - but funding rejection just makes it SO obvious how much capitalism sucks. This week, I was one of about 200 in the running for $150,000 over three years. And didn't get it. It's peanuts to some people but it would have changed my life. I could have paid off ALL of my credit card bills I ran up getting my MA, I could have not worried about income, finances, debt, interest - food insecurity and more. There IS so much to be grateful for - but this kind of rejection also really points out how horribly flawed our economic system is when we end up thinking of grants and scho
  9. lol, sarah-bellum we should trade, my leadership was 5.5 And again, they only awarded 55? They are under-awarding every single year and didn't use anywhere near the number of awards they have. It's really quite dissapointing. What a fail!
  10. Got my results as well - no award for me! Good luck everyone!
  11. On the bright side, it means being nominated at all is a serious honour!
  12. You have to click through quite a bit - but it's here: http://www.cihr-irsc.gc.ca/e/48761.html
  13. Actually... Look at this page - and read the 2014 evaluation report called "Evaluation of the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program": http://www.vanier.gc.ca/eng/news_releases-communiques.html It shows that they have not been able to use up all the awards because they feel they don't have enough qualified applicants. So rather than lower the standard and award to the best students who apply in any given year, they simply choose not to award the full number they can! It's pretty strange actually.
  14. I was also nominated for both, but I think the question was about holding both. But the answer is you can, simultaneously.
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