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  1. The first round of invitations were sent around January 9, but invitations may still be sent up until January 25.
  2. It depends on the program. If the PI personally sent an email for an interview (especially phone interviews), then those are more likely to be rolling depending on when the PI has time to get to it. If it's a mass email or notification by the program administrator, program coordinator, or DCT, then it's likely that all interview invitations have been sent. Best of luck!
  3. As others have said, different programs have different timelines. Some programs like making their decisions before winter break, but many wait until late December or January. Generally, if you don't hear something by mid-February, then something is awry.
  4. If you are in touch with the faculty at your school, then you can also ask them if they are aware of anybody looking for full-time research assistants.
  5. There does not appear to be one. Unfortunately, last year's spreadsheet has been deleted. Do you remember what was on it?
  6. Is that writing in April 2019 for Fall 2020 admission? It doesn't make sense to require the test score for admission but not see the score until well after admission decisions have been made, so that's not writing the test late so much as you have to write it earlier than what is normally suggested (i.e., September or October sitting).
  7. There is a long list of potential questions here: https://liberalarts.utexas.edu/psychology/_files/PDF/diversitypdfs/Interview-Questions.pdf The questions you actually get will vary based on the professor and program. Do you have any mentors with whom you can speak about how they evaluate applicants?
  8. Test your camera and microphone well in advance, and get a friend to practice with you to mitigate the awkward aspects of doing remote interviews. When practicing, get into the habit of talking into the camera but looking at the screen when your friend is speaking. Solicit feedback on how you look and sound. Find a background that is as minimally distracting as possible; blank walls are easiest. Play with propping your web camera or laptop at different angles to see what looks best. When emailing with the PI, try to figure out who will be calling whom, especially if you've exchanged Sky
  9. I noticed that using the filters in the top row of the document has the effect of "erasing" the data. I have unfiltered the data for now so that everything is visible again. For anyone who is only looking at the information and not adding anything to it, please consider making a copy of the spreadsheet to your own Google account so that any filtering and such doesn't affect the main document itself. Thanks!
  10. Alas, I don't know, but I saw some posts on the survey results page.
  11. Has anyone heard from the experimental program at Ottawa? I had heard that they were on the later side for clinical, but I don't know if that changes anything for experimental.
  12. I know someone who never heard back from Harvard, not even a rejection.
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