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  1. I noticed that using the filters in the top row of the document has the effect of "erasing" the data. I have unfiltered the data for now so that everything is visible again. For anyone who is only looking at the information and not adding anything to it, please consider making a copy of the spreadsheet to your own Google account so that any filtering and such doesn't affect the main document itself. Thanks!
  2. Alas, I don't know, but I saw some posts on the survey results page.
  3. Has anyone heard from the experimental program at Ottawa? I had heard that they were on the later side for clinical, but I don't know if that changes anything for experimental.
  4. @AcademicsSay is also one for silliness.
  5. I know someone who never heard back from Harvard, not even a rejection.
  6. I don't know how common it is. However, anecdotally, I have heard of it happening when the POI called a letter writer to solicit additional information about the applicant, but it didn't result in an interview. This may or may not be applicable in your case, as it depends on what your mentor said and what the POI was seeking. Good luck!
  7. Louisiana State University's clinical program started reviewing applications on December 11, and their interview day appears to be February 1.
  8. For the sake of both of us, I hope that tears are indeed good for the skin.
  9. This seemed to be more common last year, but I think @Mickey26 is correct about why people have not been posting them publicly.
  10. Congratulations! As @davidfreire20 said, it's better to dress up. I will add that you should wear what makes you feel the "best you"; suit pants may not seem necessary for a video interview where the interviewer would only see you from the chest upward, but it's worthwhile if putting on the full outfit puts you in interview mode (or putting on something more comfortable if you perform better when you're relaxed).
  11. As a note, if you use Manhattan Prep's 5 lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems, then don't pay their Verbal Reasoning section much mind. Their Quantitative Reasoning questions are, however, excellent. If you need to take the GRE Psychology Test, then an introductory psychology textbook is sufficient. I used the one published for free by OpenStax and did very well on the test. The practice test that ETS provided was, in my case, a fairly accurate estimate of how I did on the real test. On the other hand, the Kaplan book for it was lacking, to say the least.
  12. For Western, the website says that interview offers will be sent shortly after January 25, 2019.
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