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  1. phyanth

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    @manicape Hey there! I’m currently at Kent State in the PhD program; feel free to reach out if you have any questions or just want to chat!
  2. phyanth

    Paying for housing during grad school?

    You could fill out the FAFSA, and take out a small loan, if you feel that you could not work any extra outside of your assistantship
  3. phyanth

    Funding Packages

    Nvm, I was able to restore an old version
  4. phyanth

    Funding Packages

    whoaaa, who deleted everything?? That's super frustrating..
  5. Does going to a R1 vs R2 school for a PhD really matter? I just figured deciding meant looking more at the department and the research coming out of the department itself, rather than looking at the university as a whole. I turned down a PhD program at an R1 to go to a R2 because the R2 has a proven record of high output/opportunities for research in quality journals with TT placement for about 95% of graduates, while the R1 is a newish program that doesn't have any record research-wise or placement-wise.
  6. phyanth

    2018 Interviews and Results Thread

    So, I just sent off rejection e-mails this morning. It was honestly one of the hardest things I have had to do in a LONG time. I loved this school, but practically speaking, the other school had more to offer. It's just that the POI I had been in touch with was so kind and excited for me to possibly attend. I told them that I wanted to collaborate with them in the future as we have extremely similar research foci, but who knows if they would actually want to do that. Bleh. Anyone else feel the same way?
  7. phyanth

    Jobs after getting a PhD

    Echoing what @rising_star said. If all that matters to you is getting a tenure-track position in your subfield, in anthropology, at an R1 school, you're going to have a very difficult time. However, if you're open to more interdisciplinary positions, or willing to try and find some sort of teaching position at other great schools, then you will have many options. The best you can do at this point, is to be open-minded about work in academia, or try to find work outside of academia. Make sure to be active, publish, make connections with colleagues at conferences. Emphasis on the networking. Seriously. It's not your one-way ticket to a job, but it will at least get you more consideration for a position! For what it's worth, I just decided on what school I am attending for a PhD program. While I loved the other school, the program I will be attending happens to be housed within the biomedical sciences department, with a huge push to become a proficient anatomist. I chose the program because it offers a more marketable skill set. While it's not traditional anthropology, I would still have a fulfilling career doing the research I want to do. But, it all depends on what subfield you're in. I can only really speak to physical/biological anthropology.
  8. phyanth

    Kent, OH

    Bumping this, as I will be starting school in the fall. Any intel on housing for married couples that are dog friendly?
  9. phyanth

    Lubbock, TX

    Hey! I currently live in Lubbock and have been here for the past 5.5 years. I'm very liberal and I will say that your department will be a great resource for you. The city has gotten a little better as it's grown/changed a lot (even in the 5 years I have been here). I haven't heard of any hate crimes happening in the time that I've been here. It's definitely racist and homophobic, but people are so fake nice that they wouldn't say anything to your face... It's all for the most part, subtle. If you have any questions about the area, where to live, etc, feel free to ask!
  10. phyanth

    How are you deciding which offer to accept?

    This is a great list! I wouldn't have much to add, but these are things you may want to take into consideration, depending on your circumstances: 1. Research: What is their research output? Are students putting out first author publications, or are they more in a supportive role? Quality of publications (e..g where they are publishing) is obviously important too. 2. Grant Support: Being able to secure your own funding is important if you want to go into academia. Do the faculty hold workshops? How big of a push is there for you to try and secure your own grant funding? This, coupled with research are practical skills that are going to be crucial for a job in academia. 3. Proximity to Air Travel: If you're far from family, or just want to be able to travel with ease, take nearby airports into consideration. How much are flights out of those airports to the locations you would be frequenting the most? If you're in a smaller/more remote town, cost of air travel goes up by multiple hours and hundreds of dollars! 4. Health: I can't stress this enough. We are all going to be in mid to late twenties, and probably in our thirties by the time we are done with a PhD program. This is about the time when health issues start developing/revealing themselves. Make sure your funding covers health insurance, and make sure you have great health insurance. Also, make sure you have a competent and reputable hospital nearby. You don't want to have health issues during your program and receive mediocre treatment that will lead to complications down the road (this almost cost me my life, fyi).
  11. phyanth

    2018 Interviews and Results Thread

    I don't think so! It is completely fair to ask for clarification, as usually this is the deciding factor for students as to whether they accept an offer or not.
  12. phyanth

    2018 Interviews and Results Thread

    After a long season of applications, I’m so grateful and happy to have two funded offers from LSU and Kent State! Anyone want to weigh in on the programs? I know LSU is fairly new!
  13. phyanth

    2018 Interviews and Results Thread

    Has anyone heard from MSU? I saw one rejection on the results, but no info as to if that was a formal or informal email.
  14. phyanth

    2018 Interviews and Results Thread

    @suavesana congrats!! I’m so happy you were accepted to your picks this round
  15. phyanth

    2018 Interviews and Results Thread

    @suavesana congrats!!! Where else did you get accepted, if I may ask?

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