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  1. Hi, I worked on my PhD dissertation this summer. My travel was funded by the director of a site. I used a laptop owned by my university to collect this data. Throughout the course of the summer, the computer took a dive and would no longer turn on. This happened through no fault of my own or any other user failure. It wasn't until this happened that I realized I had not backed up all of the data. I am not back in the states and took the computer to IT, they told me that they would need to replace the hard drive, but were unsure of the underlying issue. I took the computer back and started looking into companies that could retrieve the data. I found that if it's a serious problem it could cost upwards of $1000. I, of course, don't have this kind of money. My advisory is now saying that I am responsible for recovering the data no matter what cost, up to the price of the airline ticket bought for me to collect the data. Is this ethical? Yes, I did not back up the data and that is completely my fault, however, the computer was not in great condition before I used it and the malfunction of it is not due to my negligence. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I have more details about the circumstances of the paid-for ticket as well as the type of data if that makes a difference.
  2. Thank you! Just started looking for places in Denver and so far it seems crazy! Do you have any other advice about places to look (in terms of how to find apartments)? To me it doesn't seem like the denver craigslist has many postings that aren't by large companies.
  3. Hi! Finally got the results back from my applications, now I am wonder how everyone chooses to thank and inform their letter writers?? I started to write a personal email to each of them, however, that seems a little lackluster. Thoughts? Also considering a physical thank you card? I'm two years our of undergrad so I am not in regular contact with my writers. I would love to hear what different people did!
  4. Just came to post the happy news that I was accepted to my first choice masters program with a 2.93 GPA (and mediocre GRE - 80th percentie Verbal, 50th percentile Q, 5 AW)!! I worked in my field for the last two years, improved my experiences, and connected with my soon-to-be-advisor while working with her on a project. This and working hard to show I am dedicated means I get a shot to prove that I am more than my lazy undergraduate work. As yet, funding will be QUTE slim, however, I think once I finish this degree, get a publication and keep growing I'll be on track to earn a funded phd. Anyway! That's my bright news! It CAN happen! Slave on, fellow sub-3.0ers. Totally does seem pretty bad when you took the time to make that comment, but I know what you mean -- the process is so difficult to gauge no matter your GPA. I hope you get into your top choice!
  5. My employer knew from the beginning that this was the end game. I work in a closely related field, however, and I am friends with several of my coworkers. They have been very supportive (I've worked here for about 18 months), but they do wish I was sticking around! They've already made it clear that if I don't get accepted that would be okay with them (jokingly!), and that I could come back after I got my degree if I wanted to. For your position it sounds like it doesn't benefit you or them, but it seems to me that all you really have to do is give them enough time to replace you once you get accepted!
  6. Just checking in to see if any of my fellow sub-3.0ers are anxiously waiting to see if the rest of their application was enough! My two masters applications aren't due until February 15th, but a large part of me is hoping to hear sooner if I submit early. The more I time I spent on this forum the more people (in this thread particularly) talked about their low undergrad GPA and in the same sentence mentioned their MA gpa as a saving grace. I'm hoping that means that MA programs are much easier to break into with a lame ugpa. Any insider info on whether this is the case? It would probably be best to just take a break from this forum instead of trying to squeeze information that doesn't exist out of it!
  7. @Eigen Thank you! Great temp work-around! Really appreciate it!
  8. Hi, While browsing different threads I can only look at the first page -- it won't let me hit next page. First displays "loading" and then loads a blank forum....any idea whats going on? I've been experiencing this problem for the past few days. Have been using gradcafe on google chrome for months, but have also tried internet explorer.
  9. Hahaha as a fellow anthropology applicant I was hoping the same thing! I've been searching all of the other threads looking for active posters!
  10. AH! So glad that this forum exists. My two applications to masters programs aren't due until February 15th. I have, however, already submitted one and I'm planning to submit the other next week. Needless to say I am really jealous of you folks with earlier deadlines, since you are more likely to hear back sooner! Right now I'm hoping for rejections by early march and acceptances mid/late march. Just two and half long, long months to go!
  11. Hi! Looking into UCD for graduate school -- how do you like it so far? How do you like Denver?
  12. THanks for the advice! I think I am going to retake the GRE (much to the chagrin of my wallet) to make it clear that I'm working as hard as I can at getting in. I have great LORs and all of my recommenders have agreed to proof and provide advice regarding my SOP so I feel pretty confident. With that said, I am setting my sights of universities that have lower acceptance standards/POI who are interested in working with me based on past experiences. I think your advice is really solid and its really good to hear someone being so honest and upfront about my chances and their own experiences! AHHH that's crazy to me that after proving yourself in your first masters program you were unable to get in to a PhD, because that is my exact plan! Are you feeling like you could have forgone your first masters and instead gone to a different university, or does it feel necessary? (If this season could end I would be thrilled! )
  13. Agreed! Hopefully this thread can become the new sub-3.0 thread. Is anyone else planning strategy to get through? Everything I read and all of the advice I get is that as long as you have other angles to work on your application, you should have a change. I'm not sure whether I'm happy that fit tends to be more important than a perfect application or whether that makes the application process more stressful!
  14. Updating to say my AWA score is a 5. Any experience submitting lame quant stores with pretty okay verbal and analytical?
  15. Thanks for the encouragement, I think you're right, I'll just have to make up for the weak GPA with a great remaining application packet.
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