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  1. There seems to be a pattern of big state schools being more strict about minimum GPA requirements in this thread. Maybe it's just an anecdotal quirk, I'm not sure. MaxiJaz: The farther you get out of undergrad and the more you have to show, the less your GPA matters. GPA is a proxy for merit because most undergrads don't have enough meaningful accomplishments in their fields to assess merit (and the programs also want some assurance that you'll be able to pass the coursework/quals hurdles).
  2. I was thinking that your requirements didn't seem unreasonable. $1800 or less for a 1-bed in a not-high-crime neighborhood? Sure, that's definitely doable. Then you put in the thing about wanting that $1800 to include AC, heat, hot water, and maybe electricity, Internet, and cable. You aren't going to find a lot of apartments that include all those things with the rental cost. Period. You might find one that includes utilities, though. Not many apartments in the Boston area have central AC to begin with, let alone covered in the rent, unless they're in pretty new buildings, which most
  3. mocomoco: I am a domestic student (in the US). The fellowship that I've received for my PhD is only available to domestic students. However, the scholarship that I received for my MS was for both domestic and international students.
  4. I can't log in. I guess it's possible that I actually did forget my password, but I also get an error when I try to reset it. So I suspect I'm out of luck. Oh well, at least I got an IGERT.
  5. I just committed to the Brandeis computer science PhD program (plus the NSF IGERT fellowship program in Dynamics & Geometry). It's good to see other Brandeis people here! I live in the Boston area already, and am happy to answer questions about the area (or you can read the enormous City Guide thread).
  6. I applied. Note that their awards are not all given out at once, since they're completely determined by the member employers.
  7. mocomoco: When I was applying to MS programs, I was accepted with a Dean's Scholarship (the big college-level tuition scholarship for master's students at my MS university). I was accepted into two PhD programs this round (as I've said in previous posts in this thread). One offered me their normal funding package, the other offered me a two-year sciences-and-social-sciences-wide fellowship with a stipend about 50% higher than their usual stipend (with their normal funding package after the first two years). So while obviously it is harder, yes, you can get cool scholarships and such as
  8. Yeah, I never saw this problem when I was in undergrad (elite private R1 with about 4000 undergrads). As an MS student, I'm part-time anyway, and my classmates aren't part of my social life, so I have no idea if they applied to PhD programs and how they're treating each other. I'm probably happier that way.
  9. It is specific "severely under-represented" minorities, and they don't exactly hide this in the description. The point of the fellowship is to encourage ethnically/racially diverse role models within the professoriate. The severely under-represented minorites that they specify are Black/African-American, Mexican-American, Puerto Rican, and Native American/Native Alaskan/Native Hawaiian, if I remember correctly. You can win a fellowship without being any of these, but they are quite upfront about the fact that they consider being one of these a plus for their purposes.
  10. Silent_G: Yeah, the Porter Square area (which is partially in Cambridge and partially in Somerville) is locationally convenient for your situation, then, since there's a commuter rail stop on the right line there. I saw someone suggest East Somerville, which will be cheaper, but your commute will also be a lot more of a pain. You can probably find something for under $1600, but it's still unlikely to be cheap (you'll be lucky to get it under $1400). Your housing will be cheaper if you're willing to live with others (another couple, perhaps). There's the Green Line B branch (the same on
  11. Waltham itself is one of the cheapest inner-ring cities surrounding Boston. People have suggested Newton, which is certainly nice, but pricier. If you don't mind a commuter rail ride, Arlington and Belmont are nice (though Belmont's expensive). I saw that people mentioned Weston...if you are living on a typical grad student salary Weston's going to be tough to afford, even compared to everything else I just mentioned. A note: Unless mass protests prompt the state to intervene (working on it!) the MBTA is going to see significant fare hikes in a few months.
  12. Are people getting calls still? My phone is busted and undergoing repairs right now, so I wouldn't even know if they called me.
  13. Your overall point is a valid one - the pleas from the wait-listed people annoy me sometimes too - but the way you put it is really jerkish. Grad admissions decisions aren't some straight ranking of merit where all of the people who get accepted are "better" than the people who were waitlisted. They're influenced by things like whether your particular advisors of interest know that they're going to have enough funding to bring on a new grad student (or for that matter, how much influence your particular advisors of interest have on the admissions committee). Or the random chance of who on t
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