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  1. One question I got that kinda wasn't expecting was "why a phd". I think this was more of a way to gauge commitment because it's not an easy process to go through.
  2. Also, this thread might be useful: https://forum.thegradcafe.com/topic/84912-how-common-are-phone-interviews-for-comm/
  3. Also, it's okay to ask about admissions processes/ next steps for you as an applicant. It's a roundabout way of asking when this anxiety-ridden roller coaster ride is gonna be over. The faculty I spoke with were all really friendly and open in my case and they answered the question like it was no big deal. (This is based on my experience from last year). You can ask ques about teaching requirements, job placement for grads, too
  4. A LOT of programs are interdisciplinary by nature so coming from a non-Comm background isn't a big deal for a lot of places. I applied last year with degrees in policy and English and am in my first semester now. Of my cohort, I think one out of the half dozen or so of us has a degree directly related to our subfield. I contacted professors I was interesting in working with and did what @GreenEyedTrombonist said. Told them about my interests and background and asked if I'd be a good fit. Not one person said my non-Comm degree was an issue. Good luck!
  5. Like a digital link? I wouldn't do that... Most likely these materials will be printed out... Maybe you can stick it somewhere in your resume?
  6. @Pencilvester @GreenEyedTrombonist I used a chapter from the body of my MA thesis which 1) I felt most confident about 2) was the crux of my argument. I added an abridged version of my intro to fit the overall length which I used to discuss the context of the work and a bit on the approach. Also had an abstract that expressly stated this was part of a larger work. This worked for me
  7. Hi all - just wanted to say good luck!! This forum was a god send last year and wanted to say that I'm here to help @GreenEyedTrombonist I know what you mean about how to communicate that you can do Comm even though you come from a different background. Remember I applied with 2 BAs and 2 MAs NONE of which were remotely related to Communication. That was might greatest concern in writing my SOP as well. In then end, I tried to kind of not mention it and focus on what I want to study and hope that would show that my research interests are very much in the Communication world. What you do n
  8. My most recent MA is Eng Lit and I started out looking at rhet comp programs and really didn't feel all too excited and found Rhet programs in Comm Studies much more interesting. The great thing about Comm is that it's much more open to outsiders than English. I applied to 7 programs and had multiple acceptances. Several of the people at the program I ended up choosing are English lit ppl (even some of the professors). Feel free to message me if you have questions since I can't go into much detail right now. Good luck!
  9. @Pencilvester I was brand new to the field when I applied last year so I don't know about rankings. Like @gradswag has stated, it really is specific to the subfield. The NCA rankings are quite old but still a useful place to start. The NCA also has a list of "hot" new publications, looking at where those authors teach may help. In terms of "slots" by subfield, there are some schools that do something like that (UW Madison, for example) but not all do. I know what it's like applying from another field and worrying about whether I was aiming waaaaay too high or not high enough etc. But I'd
  10. I'm sorry to hear that... But I know many highly qualified applicants who went 0/10+ schools their first cycle and got multiple offers the following year. There is are so many factors that go into these decisions that in the end, I feel like sheer luck is the determining factor... Even if a school is really a good fit and they like you, they may already have a lot of students with similar research interests and decided to take students researching other topics this year.. perhaps the professor that was fighting for you wasn't as influential on the ad comm as other students... Or maybe those th
  11. Middlebury Institute of International Studies, Monterey (MIIS) has an international Environmental Policy MA program that would cover what you're looking for.
  12. I hope everyone has gotten closure and this season of applications is OVER!
  13. And you are DONE!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Guys, it's already April 15th where I'm at. Whatever the outcome of this cycle was for you, congratulations on making it this far and not jumping off a cliff. I've done a whole bunch of things career-wise and I can honestly say that the application process is no joke, one of the most stressful processes I've ever been through. Also, just making the decision to continue with school takes a lot of courage, so kudos to us all!
  14. OH Dear - I just now noticed that sad little gray "nothing yet" in your signature UGH if only we could get rid of that!!!
  15. What the ?! I guess this type of thing really isn't that rare ?!?!
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