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  1. Same with @metaleptic here! I might be accepting UW-Madison's offer, and couldn't go there right now for more info... Would appreciate it if some of you post about your visits there, like what attracts you the most, how available the resources are for studying and for living, and so on... (actually, just seeing your post-visit-discussions would be helpful enough!)
  2. Also applied for Northwestern this cycle! Emailed Sarah and she wrote back saying results will be out later this week or early next week! Super anxious …
  3. I applied to the English one, omg I really did not see it ... curriculum vitae/resume of no more than two pages with a clearly stated sentence at the beginning of the CV that declares your scholarly area of interest(s), for example: American literature and queer theory, 18th-century poetry, or postcolonial theory and women writers. Please include a summary page giving your undergraduate GPA and GPA for courses in English with your curriculum vitae/resume. I did include the summary of my GPA for courses in English though... Edit: lol "Curriculum Vitae" really means some
  4. Oh I didn't do that... heedless of me to have skipped it... nice to know that, and gonna add it!
  5. Application Status Pending +1 ; Upvotes run out +1… Lucky you (And you~ and you~ …)
  6. Of course not~ was wishing you a potential Duker in addition to my wishing WT an OSUer;) We'll see how it turns out in just a few more days, I believe …
  7. @Wyatt's Terps Hope OSU's gonna prove very soon that you don't even need a Plan B~! and @Yanaka also wish you'd receive an email from Moi when you least expected to~(I know such joy kills sometimes xD) Though I'm relatively safe with my unofficial acceptance previously, I doubt if I could strain not shedding some tears if I happen to be rejected by both OSU and Duke … fingers crossed…
  8. Omg Northwestern's Complit program is sending out interview emails…(Shouldn't have checked the results page lol)
  9. Just curious-- is OSU sending out"English" and "literature" decision letters the same or similar time? Seems the results for literature will be out next week…I've applied for their English program with the ddl of 30 Nov… anxious to know when the results are out ><
  10. Wow, I've applied to UMD's CompLit and OSU's English programs this year, but feel like less positive to be admitted… Richardson's field of interest in the narrative of drama is the most overlapped with mine, but besides him, there's virtually no one else there I could mention in my SoP for UMD; the faculty of narrative at OSU are also good, but few of them are really doing drama and narrative performed…So I need to apply for both, with a minor chance of being admitted by either xD
  11. I believe there's no need to be stressed at all especially for those applying to programs wherein the first round of selection takes place at the Grad School… My application, as far as I can see from the notification letter, is reviewed by the faculty, which makes it less time-consuming.
  12. Ah I omitted too much… was trying to ask if @Wyatt's Terps knew if those applying to Scan Studies are generally admitted earlier or whatever… and yes, a faculty member I intend to work sent me an email notifying me that I was expecting admission, though official offer and details of funding are still unavailable until later in the winter.
  13. What do you mean? Seems like you know a lot about Scandi. Studies to say so..
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