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  1. Schools and Controversies

    Don't do that. If you've taken the time to look up the grievances against Manning, then you've seen that she uses feminine pronouns. But, I understand your point and I tend to think in the same way. It makes a difference if it's an institutional issue or if it's a smaller division of the university.
  2. Schools and Controversies

    Ah, yep. I left out the State. My bad. Fixed it!
  3. My first two paragraphs only had minor changes for each school. I spent months fine tuning those parts. The next two or three paragraphs were personalized for each school. But, there were some sentences that ended up in every SOP. You're background is the same and your goals are the same; it's just the program that changes, you know?
  4. So, I'm sure you guys saw that Harvard took back their fellowship offer to Chelsea Manning. One commentator I was listening to said that we should all stop supporting Harvard, stop applying. They said that Harvard was effectively controlled by the government, because they listened to the criticism of the CIA. It got me thinking. Are there any schools you won't apply to because of something controversial they've done? Is it right to blame an entire institution? For example, with Charlottesville, are any of you not considering the University of Virginia because of the Neo-Nazi demonstrations? Or, have any of you decided not to apply to Penn State because of the years that the school spent covering up for Jerry Sandusky?
  5. So I'm heading into my MA program next month and I was wondering if anybody has advice about preparing my PhD application for next year. This past year I only applied to PhD programs and I was only accepted into MA programs. So what should I be doing/participating in/working on to improve my applications for next year. Thank you! And good luck to all of you getting your materials together.
  6. 2017 Final Decisions

    I will be attending Fordham's MA program in the fall! I kind of made the decision a month ago, but had to wait to hear from a couple of places.
  7. I'm a Victorianist undergrad at IU, so my experiences are really limited to the professors I've had/I've interacted with. Professor Kreilkamp and Professor Morgan are amazing, both working on interesting topics. Professor Kriegel is probably the one you would want to connect with. She's the head of the Victorian Studies program I believe, and she would be able to match you with faculty that are working on issues that you're interested in.
  8. What was your writing sample?

    I just saw this! I'm working with Frankenstein, The Island of Doctor Moreau, Carmilla, and Dracula. My thesis/writing sample is mainly concerned with procreation and how these characters create monsters or 'children' without heterosexual sex.
  9. MA Rank Importance

    As an IU Hoosier, I feel compelled to agree that Purdue sucks lol. But, I'm glad you asked this question, because I've been wondering the same thing. My acceptances have big differences in rank. It was even more difficult because they're in the same city so it's more or less the same out of school experience. But, when I really looked at the programs, the lower ranked school fit my needs better (and offered more aid). Ultimately, I realized that choosing a school that will help me grow is the most important part. Rank is sort of irrelevant if you're not doing your best work or studying what you want to study. From what you've said, Alabama seems to offer the best program for you. So, visit PU and see how it feels, but Alabama seems like the right choice.
  10. 2017 Acceptances

    So, when is it appropriate to contact a program? I just want final decisions before I commit to the program I think I'm going to.
  11. New York, NY

    So, I'm almost definitely moving to NYC in the fall. How do I go about finding a roommate? I got an account on Symbi, but I was wondering if you guys have other suggestions.
  12. Decision-making difficulty

    I would definitely do School Y. Having somebody you are already deeply interested in working with is really important and a great thing to have right away. Yes, I understand that being LGBT often informs decisions; it was definitely a concern for me. But I think you'll find that most universities are accepting and excited by diversity of thought and identity. And if some aren't, your presence and scholarship might change their opinions. Overall, I think School Y sounds like a better fit, which is the most important aspect for your education and future.
  13. I applied to Columbia's PhD, but I was rejected and sent on to be considered for the MA. They're asking for a new Statement of Purpose. How different should my new SOP be? Obviously, the first SOP didn't work and this one can be more focused on the MA. But, I worked on my SOP for months and my Columbia one was maybe my best. Of course, if it's the same adcomm, I want to show them something new. Thoughts?
  14. Reactions to PhD Study

    My sister is the only one that's outwardly critical, but I think all of my family is skeptical. My sister has said "Remember when you wanted to be a lawyer [I was 14]? I think you should look into that" and 'You know mom plans to support you for the rest of your life, right?" and after I told her that some people end up as adjuncts on food stamps, she said "I'm not going to feel pity for you if that happens" Generally speaking, she's been fine and is really interested in where I want to go and what my plans are and stuff. But, she definitely has said some shitty things. My friends have been soooo supportive and pretty jealous. I got into my first school really early so I knew right away I had some sort of future plan. Meanwhile, they're still unsure about next year.
  15. The Graduate School Ponzi Scheme

    Ew go away.