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  1. I found that once I submitted all of my applications, I felt an initial relief. However, once the end of January rolled around, I became increasingly obsessed with checking my email for any news from programs. One thing I found helpful (though others might find this anxiety-producing) was look on the results board to get a sense of when the programs I applied to sent out acceptance/rejection notifications, so I knew when to anticipate hearing back from each program. I made a list with the dates and tried my hardest not to refresh my email or the results board every hour. I didn't stay away fro
  2. This thread has been quiet for awhile. So what's the verdict? Where are all the American Studies people going? I'm not sure if anyone was waitlisted at BU, but I have decided to officially decline their offer. I have also removed myself from the waitlist at UT Austin, if anyone is waiting there as well. Perhaps a couple of spots in those programs will open up for people in this thread.
  3. Well, in my completely objective, definitely non-partisan opinion, the obvious choice here is Emory.
  4. Absolutely! This is a such a great list. All credit is due to @lyonessrampant!
  5. A couple of years ago @lyonessrampant posted a list of questions that I found super useful for when I visited programs. The post itself is here, but these are the questions: -PLACES TO STUDY AND WORK-Where do most people do their writing and reading?-What study spaces are available? Do students get a carrel? Do those who teach get or share an office?-LIBRARY-What is the library system like? Are the stacks open or closed?-What are the library hours?-Are there specialized archives/primary sources that would be useful to my research?-Are there specialist librarians who can help
  6. I received a call from the DGS at BU this afternoon---I got into their American Studies program!
  7. I've heard this too---that American Studies isn't as "respected" as a traditional humanities discipline, and it's not worth it to do American Studies unless you go to top program (Harvard, Yale, Brown, etc) because the job market is just so abysmal. When I was applying, some recommended that I use a traditional English or History program to pivot into interdisciplinary work, and it looks like I'll end up doing just that. It seems like American Studies has been super competitive across the board this year, so I guess programs are responding according to the market (?). Are you going to end
  8. Right??? I'm happy to have gotten into a few really good programs, but I really want to know what it was about the candidates who got into top AMST programs. To be a fly on the wall of those admissions committees...
  9. Same. I also got a rejection from Northeastern's English department today. The last place I'm waiting to hear back from Boston University's American Studies program. The end is finally near. Thank god
  10. When I saw my score I literally had no idea how I scored so high. I think I went through the Quant sections in like 20 minutes apiece.
  11. I took the GRE for the first time three years ago when I was applying to MA programs without studying and did pretty poorly (I think it was something like 153V/141Q/3.5W). I'm not a very good test taker and tests in general are very anxiety provoking for me. I took the GRE again in November when I was applying to PhD programs and studied for about three weeks, and intensely for two. I focused only on the Verbal section because my advisor told me that humanities programs don't take math scores into account (which may or may not be true, but it justified my reasons not to spend time or ene
  12. I'm in the same boat. :/ I also got a rejection from Brown this morning. The letter was pretty curt and brusque.
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