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  1. Update: I won a Ford Fellowship!!!
  2. I think the website is down because of this. I can't see my results!
  3. Assotto

    Applications 2019

    Cornell’s adcom met yesterday. A prospective visit day has already been confirmed. Students are getting the final list of admits on Friday.
  4. Walking home with colleagues and sparking a spliff is as normal as going to a bar at my university (Ivy).
  5. Assotto

    Applications 2019

    You're welcome. We were informed that we'd be receiving the list of admits by the end of next week, which indicates the department plans to finalize the admits by midweek next week. Prospective students will be visiting campus in mid-March.
  6. Assotto

    Applications 2019

    You're welcome! The admissions committee did in fact meet yesterday, so I would imagine decisions would be sent out over the next week or so. In recent years, acceptances (usually in the form of a letter from your POI) are sent first followed by rejections a few days later. They do use a waitlist, though I am not sure if they will use one this year.
  7. Assotto

    Applications 2019

    For Cornell folks: the department just finished its search for two tenure-track Europeanists. The job talks and deliberation seemed to suck most of the faculty's energy. Now that it is over, I imagine they will be sending grad admissions over the next week or so.
  8. FYI, Cornell interviews have taken place, and prospective students have been invited to campus.
  9. Assotto

    Applications 2019

    Currently at Cornell and happy to answer any questions folks may have.
  10. You might be interested in Cornell's program. Carole Boyce Davies might be a good research fit.
  11. Assotto

    Applications 2019

    Happy to answer any specific questions about Cornell.
  12. I faced a similar issue when I was awarded a short-term fellowship during my first year in my doctoral program. My gut reaction was to not post anything to my social media because I know how it feels to constantly read other people's achievements and feel like I've done nothing. I got conflicting advice. A fellow student in my program told me not to post anything. A professor/mentor practically scolded me for not sharing my achievements with my professional network online. Your post could actually go far beyond just celebrating your achievements. (It could prompt colleagues to apply for that fellowship during the next cycle, consider submitting an essay for that paper prize next year, etc.) I echo the earlier comments in that you should figure out a system that works best for you. I do think as women/people of color/queers we should be tastefully promoting ourselves and our accomplishments. If you don't celebrate yourself and your achievements from time to time, who will?
  13. The light blue signifies the Application that you last opened.
  14. My portal has definitely changed. It takes me to a page that allows access to "Applicant Module 2.0." This has never happened before. Hopefully this means decisions soon.
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