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  1. elx

    Applications 2019

    Yeah me too. I wasn't expecting anything after the wisdom dropped by current students about admitted students' days having happened weeks ago, but once again, the email rolled in when I was least expecting it -- I've been drunk on wine for a couple hours, completely off the thought of apps or gradcafe. This happened with all of them; never when I was refreshing the results page, or checking the portals. I think that's some powerful messaging that it's less than pointless to chase up the application status, and it's a proper waiting game. Nevertheless, I'm amazed at the brilliant people I'
  2. elx

    Applications 2019

    Congrats, that's amazing!! You've applied for the PhD for both, right?
  3. elx

    Applications 2019

    Sounds like the visit weekend went well then, congrats!! Hope you love it!
  4. elx

    Applications 2019

    @fordlandia sorry I might already have asked this--but did you get an official rejection from NYU?
  5. In the UK, you have to do a Master's programme before your PhD, you can't just get it on the way like in the US - so that's another extra year of learning and developing your interests. I see what you mean though. You definitely don't get the same type of teaching/research experiences, it's just a programme to write a dissertation. I definitely believe it's hard to find work in the States, but that might also be because Oxbridge are great, but still not as good as the Ivies -- at least that's what I've been told!
  6. I'm not entirely sure what's the process for this, but would any mods consider pinning this topic so it doesn't get lost as new threads are posted in the History forum? Some really valuable insight for future applicants in this thread imo!
  7. elx

    Applications 2019

    I’m applying for year-long programmes and and never even thought of that issue! What would everyone recommend doing in the year between the MA and (hopefully) PhD then? Would it be a disadvantage to work somewhere that’s unrelated to history?
  8. Yeah it's a lot of money, but you might have to relocate for an American MA too -- and living costs are $13,000 a year plus flights, which I believe is lower than you'd pay in the US. Paying for grad school is really common here, especially for MAs, because while it's expensive, it's not going to break the bank in the same way an unfunded MA would do in the states. I get an undergrad tuition fee loan as a non-UK EU citizen, but only $3,000 a year (means-tested bursary + scholarship) for living costs, yet I've been able to pay off all my living costs with working 15h/week. It's not easy, b
  9. Just echoing this! Oxbridge do offer some financial support and several universities have scholarships for international students now, but this is usually for students from Third World countries (that's literally how they say it I think). However, UK MAs are only one year full-time, and for History about £25k -- seems like an insanely high price to me, but considering the Columbia MA I looked at (HiLi) was $53k, it's a lot cheaper.
  10. I just realised I said "I'm all out of rejections" when I meant "all out of reactions" and I think we share a similar, frenzied state of mind hahaah.
  11. elx

    Applications 2019

    Had a better look at HiLi now. Wow!! Yeah, Oxford deadline was about 7 weeks ago (I've been counting because results come out 8-10 weeks after haha), and I've written my Cambridge application but if I'm lucky, I'll find out about Oxford before their deadline, and I might be able to save a little money on the application fee. I'm already dreading asking for references again. For those of you who have applied several times, is it as awkward as I'm imagining?
  12. elx

    Applications 2019

    This is off-topic, but your username made me laugh so much
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