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  1. I would say something business casual, but I guess it depends on your field of study. I wore black slacks and a nice shirt for my campus visit.
  2. Statement of Purpose and Letter(s) of Recommendation.
  3. Here! I'm mostly interested in la littérature féminine d'Afrique sub-saharienne.
  4. Yeah that was me. I got an email earlier today telling me to log in the portal for my admission decision. I hope you have more luck than me!
  5. Merci! I think it's still him because the person I talked to was extremely nice.
  6. I'm so happy there's finally an active thread. I've applied to UVA, Tulane, Penn State, UNM and Boston University.
  7. Oh wow looks like we have some programs in common. I’m trying to finalize my list. I’m also interested in francophone literature and in women writers from Sub-saharan Africa. I don’t know much about those programs though, besides the information they have on their website
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