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  1. While I agree that unpaid internships are an abuse of free labor, I disagree that the intern cannot get anything out of it. For every job, MS, and PhD application, there were required skills or experience needed that I could not have gained were it no for my internships. I was hoping my extra skills gained as part of these internships would set me apart.
  2. Yes, I had surmised as much. That's the stage I am currently struggling to get past.
  3. I have been told they are. During the PhD app process, I was told my LOR were fantastic along with my SOPs. My MS advisor is a moron who should have retired 10 years ago. He's not exactly eloquent but I've seen his letters and they are all positive if not entirely specific. As far as job apps go, I'm not even sure if my references have ever been contacted.
  4. warning: probable rant ahead. I'm frustrated, I really am. Marine science is my life, it is my passion and I fully intended to dedicate my entire life to it. However, my passion is currently flipping me off. A bit of background, I have a BA in Biology, MS in Oceanography from TAMU, excellent formal and informal teaching experience, and 5 (count them) internships in research, conservation, and education. I spent a good portion of last year forging relationships so I could apply for multiple PhD programs, was told that with my experience and MS I was an ideal student. Rejected by all.
  5. Just got my final rejection... no PhD for me I guess. Feels super great.
  6. Heard anything yet? Just got my rejection. I really thought I had a great connected research-wise here. I think I'm pretty much screwed now. Looks like no PhD for me.
  7. Scripps has apparently been getting annoyed with inquiries about notifications. They said they'll let everyone know by April 1... fantastic.
  8. Just saw on the results page that someone had been notified by their PI at Scripps Marine Bio that they had been accepted. The post's notes said email notifications would come "later" but I don't know if that is later today, this week, this month...
  9. So if I haven't heard back from Scripps or UCSC EEB, how much should I start freaking out? Has anyone heard anything from there yet?
  10. Official rejection from MIT/WHOI... feels fantastic. /s
  11. I'm applying for Biological Oceanography/Marine ecology PhDs. I contacted over 30 professors in the past year, only 8 finally responded and 3 of those 8 have money and/or are interested. This is a rough year. I thought I had covered by bases by contacting literately every person in this country that is doing what I want to do but no luck. There is no money in this field to sponsor student research, particularly at UH Manoa. These are all reach schools so I am incredibly nervous. I really don't want to take another year off. Any words of comfort for a freaked out Master's student? Pr
  12. I unofficially heard from a prof. that he wasn't extending an offer to me but they waited until today to send me a rejection letter... would have been nice to get it a bit sooner.
  13. Heard back just a few minutes ago. Rejected from BU, my top choice. Man these people can really play with your future and emotions. Fuck :/
  14. I applied with Marine Biology listed as my concentration as well. I think my POI is in the last stages of deciding. Have you heard anything about official dates? I feel like the department itself doesn't have a set view of when they will be making these decisions.
  15. From what I understand, it is VERY hard to be a Masters student at Scripps. My research of it and discussions with profs basically tell me that they give no funding or opportunities to make money to MS students. Better to do a PhD there.
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