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  1. Hello everyone, Anyone else applying for this upcoming cycle? Tips/advice?
  2. Hi there I honestly think that it matters a lot less at the graduate level, so long as you can demonstrate your research productivity. I agree with Sandmaster. I think your GPA is just a box to check off and to be used for initial cuts.
  3. I didn't make it past our departmental round the first time I applied because I had no publications (I wasn't even considered at the university-level). Published a couple items and overhauled my application, and ended up getting a top CGS-D ranking. I think having 2-3 publications will improve your chances drastically. I have my fingers crossed for you. Regarding the application itself, I recommend making sure that your research/application is aligned with their strategic plan and 16 Future Global Challenges (https://www.sshrc-crsh.gc.ca/funding-financement/merit_review-evaluation_du_merite
  4. I hope they have safeguards in place so your application will be reviewed once again when large discrepancies exist. I think so too. I got CGS-D as an masters entering PhD, but I kept getting told by faculty how that rarely happens.
  5. I'm about to board a plane with no idea whether they will still accept my visa by the time I land...
  6. Picking up my limited edition switch today. Not sure when I'll get to use it but excited nonetheless!
  7. Mmhmms see you next year, haha.
  8. No notice. I think it's safe to assume that they've finished making their selections.
  9. I think it would depend on the importance of published conference abstracts in your field. Best to contact the specific grad program admins to see if they would allow amendments to your application.
  10. Congratulations, by the way!
  11. http://citystudiovancouver.com/ Please let us know when you receive your notice as well
  12. Yeah, I'm sure all of the successful applicants believe that their work is impactful too. If you look at last year's cohort, it certainly seems like they're making progressive changes in their selection criteria. They must have a killer pool of applicants.
  13. I suspect that they've already made their primary selections. Fingers-crossed, I'm hoping that my application was strong enough to make the waitlist. I'm going to be optimistic and pack extra clothes for my conference in case I need to change my flights afterwards!
  14. My application is also listed as being reviewed. I just noticed that my university's nomination letter can be viewed. 😮
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