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  1. I'm about to board a plane with no idea whether they will still accept my visa by the time I land...
  2. Picking up my limited edition switch today. Not sure when I'll get to use it but excited nonetheless!
  3. Dryad

    Trudeau 2020

    Mmhmms see you next year, haha.
  4. Dryad

    Trudeau 2020

    No notice. I think it's safe to assume that they've finished making their selections.
  5. I think it would depend on the importance of published conference abstracts in your field. Best to contact the specific grad program admins to see if they would allow amendments to your application.
  6. Dryad

    Trudeau 2020

    Congratulations, by the way!
  7. Dryad

    Trudeau 2020

    http://citystudiovancouver.com/ Please let us know when you receive your notice as well
  8. Dryad

    Trudeau 2020

    Yeah, I'm sure all of the successful applicants believe that their work is impactful too. If you look at last year's cohort, it certainly seems like they're making progressive changes in their selection criteria. They must have a killer pool of applicants.
  9. Dryad

    Trudeau 2020

    I suspect that they've already made their primary selections. Fingers-crossed, I'm hoping that my application was strong enough to make the waitlist. I'm going to be optimistic and pack extra clothes for my conference in case I need to change my flights afterwards!
  10. Dryad

    Trudeau 2020

    My application is also listed as being reviewed. I just noticed that my university's nomination letter can be viewed. 😮
  11. I highly recommend reading "the professor is in". I don't recommend it. Have you considered Canada? Grad school tuition tends to be much cheaper, even for international students.
  12. Konmari is legit. I also vacuum sealed all my stuff (ziplock works just as well) so it'd all fit in one suitcase. They're are also some companies that offer flat rate pricing for a given box dimension. In Canada, they have country wide options with Canada Post. Best of luck!
  13. Dryad

    Trudeau 2020

    Congratulations! I heard that there's an awkward group project where they observe you.
  14. PhD, similar discipline. One department flew me out from Canada to the states and involved an interview, campus tour, and dinner. Another only involved a phone interview. Most of them didn't interview at all (even when they accepted).
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