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  1. This isn’t true. You can get OGS up to 4 times, but not past your 4th year. You just need to apply for it every year.
  2. I have heard of 5 people just in my program being waitlisted (and there’s 6 graduate programs in my department). That just seems like a weirdly high amount of waitlists to me...
  3. Hi everyone! I just found out I was awarded OGS (yay!) but my friends who all had it last year were all waitlisted. I know that the government delayed confirming how many awards each school had and was just wondering if anyone heard about the number of awards being cut back this year?
  4. Hey! I don't know if there's any restrictions against this or something, but it would be really helpful to see people's programs of study who were successful. I was thinking maybe we could set up something Google Drive or Dropbox or something like that if anyone was willing to share? I've seen some older ones but it would be great to see some more recent ones. Also I got my score today. 10.6! So close for my first try! Makes me feel less terrible about myself though to know that I was pretty close. Just got to improve by 1 or 2 points next year! (Or better yet 5 and get CGS 😛)
  5. Super great idea except the anxiety around waiting led to me pushing off some work I need to do for tomorrow ☹️
  6. Yeah OGS is definitely still the hope. Unless the amount of OGS scholarships allocated to my department changed I feel like I have a very good shot, a much better shot than SSHRC at least 🙃.
  7. I feel this so hard. When I first was going to apply I wasn’t even sure I would get out of the school, but then people I worked with in the department were telling me they thought I would get it and it definitely got my hopes up. Oh well. Always next time. And you still have hope for this time!
  8. Same here. Time to start preparing for next year I guess!
  9. Congratulations! Good to know that the mail is starting to arrive. Hopefully the rest of us (at least in Canada) get mail tomorrow or hear from our schools by tomorrow! Going through another weekend would be brutal.
  10. I think the other grad finance/scholarship person was away this week so I’m guessing Paula had some extra work... especially with the whole OGS delay. Oh well, at least we know that we’ll know in under 24 hours! Fingers crossed!
  11. Well fellow Western people. The tri-council scholarship coordinator is about to give a talk so I don’t think we’re going to be hearing today unless she sends out emails or updates the student centre right after.
  12. Same here. I emailed Paula Cameron yesterday but also haven't heard back yet.
  13. Awe man really? That probably means that we won’t hear the results until tomorrow.
  14. I was literally just about to write that I’ve lost hope for today! I’m definitely on the edge of my seat now. Also congratulations! You must be ecstatic!
  15. Yeah I know the government doesn’t like to commit to deadlines, but I feel like they release them about the same time every year within a week or so and they do already commit to the end of April, so why not just go with a set date of April 30th or May 1st?
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