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  1. I hope you find out soon!!! It really is difficult not to try to rationalize it or figure it out or let it dishearten you! It was my first year applying for the doctoral level one, too. We’ll get ‘em year!! (Fingers crossed). Or maybe you’ll get it this year still!!!! (Fingers crossed even more).
  2. Just by refreshing the portal for me.
  3. I’m sorry!! The scores seem so stupid. What is the point of telling us if we don’t know what to do with the info?!! At least if we could see where we got/lost marks we’d know what to adjust or keep. Tho then the next year a diff committee member might hate the revised one anyway and would’ve loved the original so 🤦🏻‍♀️
  4. Heck yes. They could’ve saved the good news for today and put the rest of us out of our misery for the weekend!!
  5. All of the ppl I was waiting with on twitter are either no’s or still waiting’s too.
  6. Committee 1! Oh man - she didn’t email my friend who got sshrc on Friday! So maybe she’s not this year since it’s already online and we don’t have to “wait” like previous years (hah.).
  7. But to be serious... Apparently Usasks awards dept. Doesn’t email results to us. My chair said he’d email to ask tonight if we hadn’t heard so maybe reach out that way???
  8. I am! Not that that’s much comfort, sorry 😂.
  9. Noooo why did I think you had heard good news ???? I hope I’m manifesting it for you 😩.
  10. Omg wtf!!!!! Thank god for your dept emailing you 😩
  11. Thank you!!! It’s a bummer but at the same time.... oh well 😂. I’m sure I’ll be rejected many times in my career, gotta start somewhere LOL. And Ugh... fingers crossed for you!!! I’m so sorry my score was devastatingly low! As if I didn’t have enough imposter syndrome 😂
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