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  1. Congratulations to everyone!!!!!!! Canadian here, so less exciting schools to mention but I'm in at Saskatchewan, Dalhousie and McMaster. Waiting to hear from Western Ontario (and Victoria but that one's an implied rejection). Great funding from all - trying to decide between Dal and McMaster right now and very stressed about it!
  2. Yay!!!! Congratulations I just heard the same thing this afternoon. Once I get PhD applications in I can turn to worrying about the outcome of the national level for months, woohoo (but seriously, woohoo!).
  3. Yay! congrats to everyone! My results were: Offered at the Uni of Sask. (which I'd already accepted to go to, so accepted the offer Monday AM haha). Alternate at Calgary.
  4. Thank you both so much for your answers! This is a great idea-- my focus in English is actually applying history to medieval/early modern literature (so for example: reading Shakespeare through the anxieties of waiting for Elizabeth's death w/ no heir etc.) so I wonder if that would help... I've been looking at English MA programs with a focus on Medieval/Early Modern studies that allow cross disciplinary studies, wondering if I can keep my history fix that way, but ugh! I just want to eliminate the fiction part and stick with the history
  5. Bit of a niche question, but I'm graduating next year with a degree in English (honours) and History (minor)-- but have lately been entertaining the idea of pursuing my MA in history rather than english. It was basically a coin toss that sent me to major in English in the first place, and I'm kicking myself for not just double majoring from the start. Now, there's no time! I could feasibly take *almost* enough classes for a major, but I'd be 2-3 short. So that brings me to my question! Any MA students (or past students) who got into their program (preferably with decent funding) despite not having a major in History on their transcripts? Thank you!
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