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  1. If comfortable, could the person who got a preliminary interview at UBCO message me their POI?:)
  2. I’ve also heard of some applicants not making the initial faculty screening but had a POI interested in working with them, and ultimately was able to gain acceptance due to the POI specifically seeking out their application. This to say, I think the process is varies by institutions.
  3. It’s really dependent on the person! Nearly all of my interviews have been formal. The only informal interviews I have had is when I specifically asked if a potential supervisor had time to speak before applications were due (to make sure our interests etc were in alignment). I have never had a supervisor reach out to me to set up an informal interview.
  4. I didn’t apply there this year, but last year I got an interview invite on January 13. With everything going on this year (pandemic, influx of applications), I wouldn’t be surprised if the interview process for most schools is delayed, so try not too stress too much (easier said than done I know)! It’s still super early
  5. That sounds intimidating for sure! But it also sounds like you have got some excellent experiences AND you’ve had good luck so far! Keep up all your amazing effort, you can only keep going up:)
  6. Keep in mind that more applicants doesn’t necessarily mean more competitive applications! I’ve heard from profs that often times nearly half of applicants don’t meet minimum criteria. I know the large number of applications is concerning, but don’t forget that it doesn’t take away from your level of competitiveness, or all the hard work that you have put in! University of Ottawa doesn’t require the GRE!
  7. It sounds like you have a lot of really good experience! I wouldn’t worry too much about publications (especially if you are just coming out of your undergrad). A lot of students (if not the majority) do not have any publications going into grad school. It sounds like you have great grades, experiences, and research dissemination activities! Most schools look at applications holistically, so I think you’re in a fine standing!
  8. I don’t think it’s a dealbreaker! Most programs require an honours or equivalent- independent projects typically count as equivalent id say the more research experience you can acquire the better, but having the independent project is great- I think most schools would consider that!
  9. What is the interview/ admissions process like at dal? Do they do a lot of interviews/ make many offers? There’s no program stats on the webpage!
  10. It depends on the program, but you can start hearing back as early as December. In my experience, most programs reach out in January! But hearing back/ having an interview in February or even March isn’t unheard of.
  11. Will be releasing my offer at U Sask! Hopefully this helps someone:)
  12. Did you apply for doctoral or masters level? MA was december, so maybe they needed more time. I got an email from NSERC saying that they were going to delay results, but that you could view each institutions results individually as they become available, was my understanding. Applications go through departmental, faculty, and institutional levels (for MA anyways) so I’m assuming COVID has caused some delays.
  13. Has anyone heard anything from U Sask post interview?
  14. I know Sask sent out interview invites in early January, but haven’t heard anything since. They did say they would send out first round of offers by April 1.
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