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  1. Will be releasing my offer at U Sask! Hopefully this helps someone:)
  2. Did you apply for doctoral or masters level? MA was december, so maybe they needed more time. I got an email from NSERC saying that they were going to delay results, but that you could view each institutions results individually as they become available, was my understanding. Applications go through departmental, faculty, and institutional levels (for MA anyways) so I’m assuming COVID has caused some delays.
  3. Has anyone heard anything from U Sask post interview?
  4. I know Sask sent out interview invites in early January, but haven’t heard anything since. They did say they would send out first round of offers by April 1.
  5. I haven't heard anything yet. I know I was told that they would send out the first round of offers by April 1.. I haven't heard anything since my interview in very early January.. It seems like a long time to wait. May I ask who your POI is?
  6. What is the scholarship? A bit more information about it may help answer the question
  7. I know that previously I’ve been told everyone who was awarded an OGS had a gpa higher than an 11. This probably varies at each institution and department though.
  8. Are you on the alternate list as well at Carleton? If so, who told you that you’d make it off the list next week? As I was told they couldn’t share that information. I was also told that my change in status was due to clerical error.
  9. This happened to me as well... did you ever figure out why it happened? Did you end up being offered?
  10. I was originally not offered at Carleton for a SSHRC, but as of April 8, I am now considered an alternate... has anyone ever heard of this happening?
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