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  1. A note to any future SSHRC-hopefuls who are direct applicants and browsing this thread for information about the process: I just found out from my new grad studies department that my name came on the list of SSHRC recipients for the university. So it does appear that even direct applicants could ask their departments/grad studies offices about the SSHRC results in cases where SSHRC is slow to upload results or there are technical errors. (Of course, departments/universities are not supposed to share results with applicants before they hear from SSHRC but in cases where it's been over a we
  2. @maverick__I hope I'm correct for your sake, too! I'll be studying in Canada (Manitoba, specifically). I've been working 9-5 office jobs since finishing my MA in 2018 and oh my god I can't take it anymore -- so excited to return to academia! What about you?
  3. I believe if you are offered a CGS but are studying abroad, you get the Fellowship instead. I'm not 100% on this but seem to recall reading something along these lines in the 2019-20 SSHRC doctoral thread:
  4. Your track record is SUPER IMPRESSIVE and I'd definitely be interested in reading your work -- pain research is so fascinating! I'm sorry you didn't get a SSHRC this time around but as you said, it's pretty freakin' arbitrary. I've heard of people submitting the same app two years in a row with virtually no changes and getting a score of 12/20 (no award) one year and 18/20 (award) the next. The scores also don't seem to be consistent year-to-year because last year people were getting scores of 15/20 and getting the CGS-D. Good luck in your program!!
  5. Instructions for how to accept the award are found here: https://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/Students-Etudiants/Guides-Guides/TriRTA-TriBFR_eng.asp Basically you have to email your specific program contact (also listed on that page) confirming your acceptance and start date, etc. Not sure about your second question -- maybe one of the more knowledgeable folks here can help you out. Congrats on your award!!!
  6. Heck yeah, congratulations Snackerson!!!! So happy for you!
  7. Bahahaha thank you! I would like your comment but grad cafe says I've exceeded my maximum reactions for the day.
  8. WOOOOOT I got a CGS-D! Scored 17.04 in committee 2. In case anyone is interested in details: I am a direct applicant not currently enrolled in a program and have been out of the academic world for a few years (graduated from my MA program in 2018). I have one non-peer-reviewed publication and a few conferences, none of which are related to my proposed program of study. I think I was successful largely due to really strong recommendation letters, good grades (4.3 undergrad GPA, 4.0 MA), and a strong program of study (plus I had a SSHRC for my MA -- not sure if that actually helps).
  9. Right after I ate too much cheese I got an email from SSHRC to make a password for the extranet which I did and now I'm trying to sign in but it's not loading AHAHFHGJDGKFDHHJFIHRWEHHKKHGKHFKHKHSDKD HALP
  10. I just stress ate three cheese quesadillas in a row.
  11. What the actual eff??? That's such a high score! I've never heard of people getting rejected with scores of 14 and 15. Sorry you didn't get it this time.
  12. Wow, congratulations!!! Was it the CGS or the fellowship? Seems like a high score so I hope you got the big SSHRC!
  13. Ugh, I'm so sorry. That's disappointing but hey that's a really high score so it sounds like you must have a strong application. It is incredibly frustrating that it seems like a total crapshoot, though. Do you mind sharing which committee you were in? Also, did you already have extranet access or did they send it to you today so you could login for your results?
  14. From SSHRC? How??! Extranet logins haven't even been sent out. Did you partner apply for NSERC?
  15. Given that no other departments seem to have results at this time (based on this thread anyway), I wonder if she just misspoke? Like maybe she was thinking you didn't have SSHRC for this current year of your program, not that you were not selected for funding for the next academic year. I would directly ask her just to put your mind at ease (but then again, I've always had pretty informal and relatively close relationships with my supervisors/mentors so I get it if you're not comfortable straight up asking). You could, alternatively, bring it up indirectly under the guise of someth
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