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  1. Ouch!!! Thanks for sharing that info. I hope I can hang on to more than but if not, well, it's still a plus.
  2. Question for those of you attending foreign universities yet offered the CGS-D (and congratulations!) -- are you all entering or applying in the first year of your program? I am in second year at my UK university and was offered 3 year SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship with a score of 17.69, so am curious about how those offered were determined. I checked last year's successful applicant list and the CGSD list does in fact show recipients at several American and UK universities! Second question, if you are funded by your university, do you anticipate any clawback on that? I haven't found out yet
  3. Congratulations seeveeargh! Some shock and amazement happening here 😃I just found out my result, got SSHRC Doctoral as a direct applicant overseas with a score of 17.69 in committee 1 (fine arts and lit)! The scores are crazy this year. My details (Snackerson), in second year at UK university, and while I did get a SSHRC for my Canadian MA, I did not get one the first time I applied for Doctoral, and my score that round was 11. This time it helped that I was already in a program, had done some conferences, and had some fresh publications (creative though, not academic). My proposa
  4. Use your email for the user ID -- that stumped me too!
  5. Holy f%$#! That is a really high score. Also in UK, now I am even more trepidatious about opening the email😢 I hope you can apply again next year, socphd20.
  6. Just having my morning coffee here in the UK and bracing myself to open the extranet email after reading all your stories -- I am amazed at how high the scores are for the unsuccessful applications, so after getting an 11.something two years ago (didn't apply last year), I am preparing myself for a 'no'. I'll let you know (when I can get to the point of opening my email without puking!). 🤑🙈 And huge congratulations to those of you getting the wins this year, it is lovely to see these rolling in!!🥳
  7. I am in the UK (in Sheffield also!). Did not apply for AHRC. Good luck to you on both.
  8. Mine is a research as practice PhD, in Creative Writing -- within the winning English Lit topics listed for previous years, CW projects are pretty scarce. Although you can't always tell by the title 🤫. I did my best to emphasize the academic aspect of the program.
  9. I also just had the mini-heart attack moment. Whew!😅
  10. Yay! is right! Thank you so much for checking, farhsa8! I'm relieved to know that my app didn't just end up in a forgotten folder on someone's desktop. As for vaccinations in the UK, I am going for my first one tomorrow and my second one will be 11 weeks later. So a visit to Canada looks more possible (with or without SSHRC lottery winnings)
  11. Good idea -- I have thought about writing them to ask but couldn't bring myself to do it in case they said something like, oh, we lost your application, or, nope, you did not get to the next level. I should add to the earlier conversation about the fantasy spend -- I would also use some of the money for a visit home to Canada to see my family, once we are all vaccinated etc. If I can go at the end of summer it will be two years since I have seen my nearly 90-year-old mother. Plus some trips around UK, make up for lost time.
  12. Thanks for starting this topic, @Farhsa8! I applied directly to SSHRC as I am at a UK university, in my second year of the PhD. I didn't apply last year, which was my first year of the program, as I just didn't have time. However, I did apply the year before (unsuccessfully) as a direct applicant, @seeveeargh -- like you I was not yet enrolled and had to list institutions where I thought I would end up studying (I ended up somewhere else). I second what others say - if your SSHRC app is successful, it bodes well for a place at your chosen program. My question for everyone -- I recal
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