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  1. There must be more to it than the score which seems very odd. I thought it was the difference between committee, but I've just received an offer for the SSHRC doctoral fellowship with a score of 15.64 on committee 3 (in urban planning). It was also my 3rd time applying! For those wondering about my studies or you're on this forum in a year from now, you can checkout my website which has some details+CV. Feel free to contact me with any questions. The wait is hard. The multiple rejections are hard. This is an arbitrary funding game without the fun. All you can do is hope for the best and k
  2. Although I am checking this a little too frequently, I'm going to expect nothing until Monday, May 3rd, and be pleasantly surprised if I get any results sooner. Under promise and over deliver is my motto. Yet, I will let y'all know the second I get any results! stay sane my friends
  3. Yikes. My department probably knows as well in that case. I think I'll sit and wait until more people find out and if I still haven't heard then I will msg the admin. That's what I did last year and they did tell me before SSHRC did.
  4. My guess is extranet email by Friday and results starting May 3rd. By then, we'll have time to ask our admin what the results are because I think they'll find out by April 30 haha
  5. FYI: All past years I've applied, the admin in my department have found out before SSHRC contacted me with the results. It's likely they may know now, but they're not "allowed" to tell us. I followed this forum closely and when people started finding out at UBC, I contacted my admin and they told me the results. Might be useful for those who are waiting post-April!
  6. Thanks for sharing. I feel the same way. Glad to have this forum to commiserate. I'm a 4th year and going into my 5th, so either way I'm motoring along. Under promise and over deliver!
  7. This has been the lesson throughout my PhD as well. Sometimes it ends well and sometimes you just get another shot at it. It's so hard to separate your self-worth from arbitrary accomplishments and merit scholarships though! lol
  8. Me sitting here wondering when they're going to send the Extranet email and constantly refreshing my inbox.haha Just when I had put it in the back on my mind...they pull me back in!
  9. I'm crossing my fingers, but also have very little hope. I can't stop saying "under promise, over deliver". The wait has still been very hard! This is my 4th year as a PhD student applying, so it would really help with the job applications and give me funding until I graduate. Any other 4th years who applied on here?
  10. What methods did you state out of curiosity?
  11. Just heard from my admin at UBC "I'm sorry but your SSHRC application was unsuccessful". This is my third time applying and starting to believe in some SSHRC conspiracy and that I will never win. I know it's just a crapshoot and they can't give everyone an award who may deserve an award, but it still stings. Just to keep everyone in the loop on what an unsuccessful application may look like and perhaps help others applying in the future in the field of planning: In my second year of the program, applied last year and was waitlisted with a score of 11.3/20. I won't know the score until the lett
  12. Update: Heard back from Dept. Admin at UBC. Waitlisted and wasn't told what rank I'm at, but told there is not a good chance. Time to hit the ground running for the Fall application!
  13. Results are out! So exciting! Why snail mail? I heard that they are sending emails to those who have not received the award, and paper to those who have won. Can anyone confirm this? I still haven't heard back from UBC. Has anyone emailed with a reply from them?
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