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  1. like july you should wait you could get in trouble
  2. I think when you accept the award they ask the start date again worst case scenario you just email Vanier and they'll be okay with that
  3. About last year, to make things clear: - We were supposed to know on March 30 and then the Vanier website said "early April". The results came out on April 5 around lunchtime. - We got an email saying the portal had been updated. You won't know if you won in that email. HOWEVER, if on ResearchNet you have a second line to click that says something like "View offer", then I believe it means you got it (or else there is no offer; only a "results" line to click...something like that). - Your institution will know at the same time as you--so don't worry if you see the dean or your advisor in the hallway lol - For the regular SSHRC award, your institution knows BEFORE you, because they email them at the same time as they send the letters by mail. Email your award coordinator and they'll let you know if you got it - Regarding the tweet about a scholarship...it was a SSHRC MASTER'S CGS (results are out April 1 at midnight). The prof said it was a "doctoral" award but they got it wrong. let me know if you have more questions and GOOD LUCK!!
  4. If you get FRQSC or OGS you are still eligible to reapply for the Vanier. If you get SSHRC, then no.
  5. both were supervised by the same prof?
  6. I don't know if two students from the same lab ever got the Vanier in the exact same year lol
  7. last year it was 5 days after what it said on there
  8. honestly I believe the best leadership experiences are the ones that helped YOU improve and if you had to go above and beyond to get that idiosyncratic experience, even better of course, there's the whole explaining around that (the before, during, after) that is important
  9. I would say that having a ton of publications is better than the Vanier to get an academic position
  10. got a Vanier silver pin, pen, and USB key in the mail today
  11. omg exciting - keep us posted today
  12. my friend learned today she got forwarded
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