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  1. PsychBoy

    Vanier 2018-2019

    omg exciting - keep us posted today
  2. PsychBoy

    Vanier 2018-2019

  3. PsychBoy

    Vanier 2018-2019

    my friend learned today she got forwarded
  4. PsychBoy

    Vanier 2018-2019

    1 of them
  5. PsychBoy

    Vanier 2018-2019

    my university tells candidates who gets sent to Ottawa versus not they'll tell you
  6. PsychBoy

    Vanier 2018-2019

    not in the ccv but I did in the research contributions text
  7. PsychBoy

    Vanier 2018-2019

    One of my academic referees wrote her letter in one hour the day before the deadline.
  8. PsychBoy

    SSHRC Doctoral Award/CGS (funding for 2018-2019)

    it's only the letter of appraisal in the envelope
  9. PsychBoy

    Vanier 2018-2019

    Academic letters they can upload themselves so it's not a big deal to wait. Also, you can remind them a bit later given that you have internet. But don't hesitate to send (useful) reminders when you think it's appropriate.
  10. PsychBoy

    Vanier 2018-2019

    is it the academic letters or leadership ones? will you have access to your laptop/internet during your trip?
  11. PsychBoy

    SSHRC Doctoral 2018-2019

    submit to sshrc
  12. PsychBoy

    SSHRC Doctoral 2018-2019

    sounds like you have to submit to SSHRC directly though... ask SSHRC again...clearly state your situation...ask McGill/uOttawa as well
  13. PsychBoy

    FRQSC (2019-2020) for Quebec residents

    When I applied to FRQS doctoral (health agency), I just needed my current supervisor to write an extremely small paragraph. They didn't require LORs!
  14. PsychBoy

    Vanier 2018-2019

    omg yes apply
  15. PsychBoy

    Vanier 2018-2019

    well in my department, everyone interested completes the application and THEN they select ONE person. (Then the institution chooses national nominations). So a lot of time can be wasted on an application to be rejected at the departmental level...

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