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  1. Vanier CGS (2017-2018)

    researchnet says 30 and Friday makes more sense
  2. Vanier 2019-2020

    Thanks for the reassurance
  3. Vanier CGS (2017-2018)

  4. Canada Graduate Scholarship (SSHRC) MA 2018-19

    exactly--my colleague who heard back is an MA 1 student.
  5. Vanier CGS (2017-2018)

    @p(ache)d how has your (academic) life changed since you won the Vanier?
  6. Vanier CGS (2017-2018)

    yes and those stats that were posted about the number of publications in the Vanier (2019-2020) thread made me really anxious/hopeless
  7. Vanier 2019-2020

    sure you can use the same
  8. Vanier 2019-2020

    is there a video/recording of that panel? thanks for the info!
  9. Vanier 2019-2020

    on top of 5 publications and 8 "competitive" conference presentations I have no chance of winning
  10. Vanier 2019-2020

    huh...5 publications?!
  11. Vanier CGS (2017-2018)

    it's all electronic -- through ResearchNet
  12. SSHRC Doctoral Award/CGS (funding for 2018-2019)

    yup it disappeared for me as well I think it's because at this point it's all hard copy
  13. SSHRC Doctoral Award/CGS (funding for 2018-2019)

    no, still in peer review; results are out March 30
  14. Vanier CGS (2017-2018)

    ResearchNet says March 30 thanks for asking them!