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  1. Just saw the email. I can't check. Good luck everyone!
  2. Oh...so I guess we are all back to checking ResearchNet compulsively!
  3. We do get an email! No need to check ResearchNet (technically)! Still waiting...
  4. February 6? Oh wow, I had minimum February 15 in mind!
  5. Welcome to February everyone!
  6. I know it's not related to Bating but just heard from FRQS (email) that my application is now "under review"!
  7. Banks don't consider scholarships for a mortgage! Even a Vanier CGS!
  8. Haha same! Although it's totally normal for it to be in peer review!
  9. ResearchNet status is now "In Peer Review"!
  10. Applied to the FRQS postdoc as well! Good luck!
  11. Hi everyone! Anyone applying for a Banting Fellowship this year? Under which agency? Any tips as to what kind of profiles were previously awarded the fellowship? Good luck!
  12. like july you should wait you could get in trouble
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