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  1. PsychBoy


  2. PsychBoy

    Vanier CGS (2017-2018)

    got my confirmation of commencement form!
  3. PsychBoy

    Vanier 2018-2019

    are they asking for a timeline? I never included that in my application last year did the instructions change?
  4. PsychBoy

    SSHRC Doctoral 2018-2019

  5. PsychBoy

    SSHRC Doctoral 2018-2019

    Times New Roman 12
  6. PsychBoy

    Vanier 2018-2019

    absolutely! I didn't even have two pages.
  7. PsychBoy

    Vanier 2018-2019

    yeah I was applying for SSHRC but only had a CIHR NIP so I put the CIHR one and left the SSHRC one blank
  8. PsychBoy

    Vanier 2018-2019

    The competition is open!
  9. PsychBoy

    Vanier CGS (2017-2018)

    Exciting: my university did a photoshoot and interview with winners and Vanier asked us for pictures! Announcements are coming!
  10. PsychBoy

    Vanier 2018-2019

    can you change it? if not, ask the moderators
  11. PsychBoy

    SSHRC Doctoral Award/CGS (funding for 2018-2019)

    I'm pretty sure you just have to email SSHRC fellowships saying you accept the award
  12. PsychBoy

    Vanier 2018-2019

    Cool! Probably June 15 like last year!
  13. PsychBoy

    SSHRC Doctoral Award/CGS (funding for 2018-2019)

    email SSHRC
  14. PsychBoy

    FRQSC (Quebec) 2018/2019

    pretty sure email is good
  15. PsychBoy

    Vanier CGS (2017-2018)

    Thanks. So @Adelaide9216 you would need to literally reject the regular SSHRC, not defer.

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