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  1. The email should include a link to change your password. Then you use your email address and new password to login as "external user".
  2. Rejected 12.99/20. Congrats to those who got it! Committee 4, international student.
  3. Just wanted to say I'm so glad I started this thread – as an international student stuck in Canada I haven't been able to meet any other PhD students from my cohort and I don't think anyone from my uni applied to SSHRC. Nice to meet likeminded individuals to share the anxiousness of waiting especially during a pandemic. Regardless of the results, we all got into our respective PhD programs because we're competent in our fields – and that's the mantra I'm gonna keep repeating to myself because I lose perspective at times. πŸ˜…
  4. I think we should anticipate getting another "heart attack" email to brace ourselves. πŸ˜…
  5. Mine was in green! Got any theories? Even though my sister told me a thousand times not to do this, I'm still going back and reading my research proposal. Don't try this at home kids!
  6. I'm an international student so I'm only eligible for SSHRC (fellowship not CGS-D) and Trudeau (which I haven't applied to yet). Wishing you all the best with OGS and SSHRC! I was waitlisted for OGS during my Master's and got it after a few months so you never know!
  7. Good news, they scrapped the "adjudication stage" so all direct applications get forwarded to the national stage – so we only hear back about our final outcome in April. Yay, we're still in the game! Also, I hope you get to visit your grandma soon! I heard the vaccination process has been quicker in the UK so hopefully that speeds things up!
  8. Hey, I'm also a direct applicant as I'm applying as an overseas student. I haven't received a pre-selection letter either. Hopefully they're just not doing it this year? I'm going to message SSHRC directly and ask.
  9. I suggest contacting SSHRC directly and asking them – they've been very helpful in the past with addressing scenarios that were a bit more complex (such as yours).
  10. @SNH My cousin has a Fujifilm mirrorless camera (different from a DSLR) and it does wonders! The body is about $1500 though so I might wait until I graduate and buy it as a congratulatory present to myself! Yes, I hope we all get it as well! ☺️
  11. Feeling antsy especially during a pandemic! I love this idea! I'd love to upgrade to a mirrorless camera with prime lens. And then take shots with my camera while travelling! Lasik would be such a good investment!
  12. Yes, mine disappeared as well and I also assumed it's part of the process – but relieving to hear from others the same happened to them!
  13. Hey everyone, I noticed there was no thread for this year's round of the SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship competition. How is everyone feeling as we wait for April?
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