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  1. Well done. Congratulations! The scores this year seem crazy skewed from previous years—in my year (2019) there were people with scores between 10.2-12.5 on the waitlist and it seemed as though everyone over 12.6 or so got the SSHRC Fellowship. Thank you for sharing the detailed information about your application (you too, Seeveeargh and anyone else I missed). For those of you who were not successful this time around, please do not despair nor define your worth by these things. A few notes about my successful application (SSHRC doctoral, not CGS): As mentioned by Seeveeargh
  2. Congrat-SSHRC-lations!!!!!
  3. Maybe SSHRC finally realized that the scores they were giving seemed meaningless to people when most people think in percentages? I have no idea!
  4. Well after the fact, statistics are posted.
  5. Congratulations. That is a fabulous score. What committee?
  6. It really is unethical for departments and/or Graduate Studies Faculties to let students know before SSHRC does, even though this is also the way I heard a few years ago. So sorry to hear you were not successful. For everyone else, the fact that some departments know results may mean that results will be posted sooner rather than later ... not that there seems to be any rhyme or reason to how these things are communicated nor any consistency from one year to the next. Argh!
  7. Bahaha. Love this! [I'm new to GradCafe and wanted to use "Imposter" as my handle but apparently it was already taken (as are so many variants thereof), so I am not that imaginative.] I feel your pain. Holy cow, it is ridiculous how much we define ourselves by these things. I did not hear (thank goodness, a successful outcome) until May 6th, and even then my Faculty of Graduate Studies accidentally congratulated me before I got the letter from SSHRC. At least in theory, uploaded results should/could all be posted at once.
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