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  1. arrghh you are probably right and I shouldn't' stay hopeful only to be disappointed again. I'm going to stay away from GradCafe now. Congrats to everyone who won!
  2. if there was nothing on your letter, it makes sense to assume it's the same this year then. & it probably really sucks to be waitlisted for CGS and not get it, or did you end up getting it? just trying to see if there is still hope LOL
  3. How do you know this is how it works though?
  4. ohh, so you're trying to figure out the same thing hahaha it definitely doesn't hurt to be hopeful 😅
  5. So if it doesn't explicitly say that you are in the "meritorious alternate applicants" list, then you are not in the waitlist, right? or there is no way to know?
  6. Does it say in your letter that you are put on a waitlist? How did you know?
  7. Congratulations to both of you. This is super exciting! you must feel so amazing!!!
  8. no I got FRQSC last year
  9. it was called "Competition Results -Doctoral Awards (my application number)
  10. on mine, it also says the results were posted 6 days ago!!
  11. No, I got FRQSC in the last year's competition. I got my results on April 30th 11.59pm or something like that. I remember, I was so anxious to find out and I was waiting up. Best of luck for you with FRQSC! With SSHRC, I got such a low rating this year too even though I worked more on my application and felt so much better about it. It just shows how subjective these things are and very dependent on who reads your application.
  12. I just got mine too and it was a rejection lol 😆 good luck to those of you who are waiting! I'm glad to have FRQSC so I won't be applying again...
  13. You are right that stressing about it won't really help anything and that we don't have any control over the whole process but I honestly I can't help it I will try to to do other things to keep my mind off of this but it's going to be so HARD.
  14. I don't understand the logic in this. Why would SSHRC notify graduate studies or departments beforehand (April 30th) but now allow them to tell us? Ughhh. Does anyone have any theories about this? Could it be that, they let them know, in case for administrative reasons, we can't get our results on time and THEN they can tell us?? This week is going to be literally the longest week of my entire life!!! How do you all pass the time, I can't focus on any actual work, even-though there is a ton to do of course!!
  15. Pfewww. That makes sense. Of course there are multiple SSHRC awards that people are hearing about. At this stage my brain has frozen and can't make logical observations LOL. I just NEED April to be over already LMAO in tears & misery.
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