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  1. I just got my email and got CGSD, best of luck to everyone!!
  2. I’m wondering the same thing... Someone in my cohort got the SSHRC doctoral, so my hopeful side is thinking maybe I got CGS-D and that’s why I haven’t heard back... or maybe I got neither and I’m holding on to a pipe dream haha
  3. well that is NOT what I wanted to hear hahahahaha I am a mess
  4. I haven't gotten any emails about anything... concerning... is anyone else in the same boat? I tried following a link from someone in my cohort who just got access to results but when I followed it and entered my email to recover my password, it just said I didn't have any extranet account associated with my email.
  5. My supervisor spoke to the head of our department who said they haven't heard anything yet. It is definitely possible that some schools know now and others don't but that does seem strange. I agree with TurnLeft that it depends on what she said to you about it. It would be odd to me if she said "you didn't get it" and then said she made a mistake about that because I am not sure how that happens? I am not sure of your relationship with her, but it may be worth asking her to clarify?
  6. My supervisor said they hadn't heard anything yet and sent an email to the department head to get more information. I also saw the tweet from SSHRC saying we would get results end of April, hopefully that means Friday but who knows
  7. I am meeting with my supervisor in about 30 minutes and plan to ask her about whether the department knows anything, so I will update with that information once I do!
  8. https://grad.ucalgary.ca/future-students/explore-programs/clinical-psychology-msc-thesis I would go based off of the department webpage instead of the program calendar. If you go to the program page (linked above) and scroll down to "Admission Requirements" it says "please submit a one-page (excluding references) research proposal." I would make sure you apply for CGS-M and just use what you have for a proposal from there for the U of C proposal.
  9. Not sure if you got a reply to this yet or not, but U of C does require a study proposal. Usually they ask for this with the idea that you submitted a similar proposal for CGS-M.
  10. I see that some have said this would be okay to do, but I would urge you to consider finding a faculty member to write your letter. I wonder whose lab the PhD student is in? You could ask the PI of that lab to write your letter and ask if the PhD student could contribute to that letter considering they know you well. If, on the other hand, the PhD student is in the lab with the supervisor you already have a reference from, then definitely don't do this as it looks bad having two references coming from the same lab (not sure if that is the case based on what you wrote).
  11. I can't speak for all schools but I would imagine most will not delay the school year and just move everything online. That is what my university has done for almost all graduate courses. I can totally see how it would be stressful as an international student. If possible, I would reach out to your supervisor who you will be working with and ask if they have any information about plans for September. They should have a better idea and should (assuming they are decent supervisors!) be able to help ease your concerns by keeping you up-to-date. Good luck and stay positive!
  12. Even though there are only 5 of us in my clinical cohort, our classes all got moved to online which has actually been kind of fun thus far (which was surprising to me!). The main thing I am concerned about is practicum this summer, which may get either cancelled or not start when it is supposed to, leaving us with less hours than we are supposed to get. I know they are making swift efforts in my program to get set up for telehealth for those doing therapy practica; however, for those of us doing assessment practica, you can't really do a standardized assessment via video conferencing, so it's
  13. I would contact the host institution to ask about how they determine eligibility/what they consider first class. For example, at my institution a first class average would be just under 85% (or 3.6 GPA) over the last 90 units. Did you not take a full courseload over your last two years? If you did not, then it's possible that they looked into your first 2.5 or 3 years to get your GPA across the last 90 units, for example.
  14. Definitely email the program admin and cc your POI! I know the department is keen to bring in students who have funding right now, so it won't hurt you! Just say something along the lines of "just wanted to inform you that I was recently informed that I was successful in securing a CGS-M (insert SSHRC, CIHR) scholarship and figured I should reach out to let you know about this." Congrats!
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