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  1. I just received an email that sounds exactly like that and also have a warning about the Terms and Conditions but I thought they were delaying the notification of results to a later date?
  2. I am wondering if there anyone has received an offer from UTSC ( U of T Scarborough ) for Counselling and Clinical MA or even if anyone knows if offers have gone out yet? Could you please DM me? Thanks so much!
  3. I would call them or send them an email to ask about the status of your application. My application was also still "Under Review" and when I emailed to ask about it, they told me that I was waitlisted. So I would not assume it's a rejection. Hope that's helpful.
  4. Yeah that is definitley something I am worried about. I think it is a possibility that programs may be deferred to start in January 2021 but that's just a guess. I think it will really depend on the trajectory of covid
  5. I emailed them to ask about the status of my application. They did not notify me in any way
  6. Hi everyone, Did anyone receive an offer from OISE Clinical and Counselling MA Program? And if so, would you mind DMing me if you plan to reject? I am on the waitlist and wondering if I still have a chance. Thanks so much!
  7. Me too! Mine also says under evaluation!
  8. Hi there, Im not the person who heard back from Ottawa. I was asking if the person who did could DM me
  9. If the person who posted on the results section about being accepted at Ottawa is on here, could you please DM me your POI's initials? I would really appreciate it! Thanks
  10. Hi there, sorry if I am the bearer of bad news but SF completed her interviews a few weeks ago and the open house was on Feb. 14th. I also applied to her and emailed her a few weeks ago to ask for an update.
  11. Hi everyone, If anyone on here received an offer from Waterloo, could you please DM me? I also received an offer but I'm a bit confused about how to navigate their online Quest portal to view the official offer!
  12. Hi there, I wish you the best of luck with everything, it seems like you are more than qualified to gain admissions and the waiting game is so stressful! I can tell you that I did a Skype interview with my POI at Queens in 2nd week of Jan. and I heard back yesterday that I will be doing another Skype interview with 2 other faculty. I also heard from my Ottawa POI this morning about a phone interview. I'm not sure about the other programs but I think there's still hope for Ottawa. I heard they do interviews between now and mid-Feb and different supervisors probably have slightly different timelines of when they offer interviews. Hope that helps a bit.
  13. Sorry, I should've specified. I was asking about the adult clinical program.
  14. Does anyone have any updates on York, and specifically has anyone interviewed with SF? I know there was one person on here that interviewed with her and was invited to the open house and someone on the results page said they interviewed with her. If anyone else has heard anything, could you please DM me?
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