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  1. Hello folks, The application season is approaching. It would be great to start a thread for Canadian applicants for Clinical Psych. Looking forward to hearing your story!
  2. Hi there, Thank you so much for your encouragement. I've never heard of the story before. It's very interesting All the best to you!
  3. Hi there, don't worry. I think it's actually a good sign you did get a rejection email, it means they are still reviewing your application. There is still HOPE!
  4. I received an email to check my application status... I am alright, it's not my top choice anyway
  5. Just got rejected from UAlberta - School & Child Clinical Program
  6. CONGRATS! I've heard some programs cover 50% of the cost.
  7. It seems like the interview process is not as intimidating as people would think. I wonder under what kind of circumstances professors would reject a student who was invited to the interview? I believe everyone would be well-prepared (in terms of answering questions and having an idea of their research plan), behave politely, and show eagerness to know about the program.
  8. When do you guys usually hear back from the school after the on-site interview?
  9. Hi guys, I applied to a couple of Canadian schools this year, but I don't think I will get in any. UBC is my dream school and I want to give it a try in the next application season. Based on UBC website's admission data, it seems like they only short-list very few students. Does it mean if students get the on campus interview opportunity, they will be more likely to get an offer? Any one has experience with UBC interview? Positions/Training Capacity 7 4 6 6 5 Applications - at BA level 130
  10. Thank you for the support everyone! I'm wondering whether you guys have ever asked your POI for interview tips? I want to do it, but I'm not sure whether is appropriate
  11. Hello guys, I'm having an on-site interview in about a week in a Canadian university. I need some help! 1. Could someone please share your group interview experience? 2. How well do you need to know Non-POIs' research? I plan to read about 2 - 3 publications of the Non-POIs who will interview me, is this sufficient? 3. What should I expect in lab lunch? 4. I'm a shy and introverted person; so I don't like socialize much. Is this going to be an issue? How could I overcome? This is the only interview I get, so it's very important for me. Please please please he
  12. Thank you! I just want to hear some stories about Canadian intvs
  13. Yes, I would like to know as well. I have an on-site interview soon! There will be group meetings and intvs. Anyone has any insight about group interviews?
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