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  1. I was rejected from 15 programs that cycle and after receiving the rejection, emailed the POI with whom I had had communication prior to applying to see if I could receive any feedback. I eventually heard back from 3 POIs, 2 of which were from the schools which received the score report.
  2. I took the Psych GRE and scored in the 30th percentile. I was not a psych major and it had been over a decade since I took the intro psych course in undergrad by the time I took the test, so I bought several study guides and spent months studying. The vast majority of my test was names and dates and while I had studied what each person did, I paid little attention to what year things happened in (lots of questions about X person did Y thing which influenced Z person to do their thing, in what years did each person make their breakthrough discovery). I had taken a dozen practice tests and ha
  3. I thought applying and interviewing would be the hard part, but preparing to move, looking for housing in a city I visited once for 4 hours, attempting to wrap up my life in one place, finishing a large research study that has me traveling a good bit has been overwhelming, and dealing with a family health crisis has definitely been harder. What did you find (or are you finding, if you're making the transition as well) that helped to keep you from getting too burned out during the transition phase? I want to start my PhD program excited, fresh, and ready to dive in, but right now I'm worried
  4. I had two professors write a letter together and co-sign, because I had only taken one short class with each professor so neither felt they knew me well enough to write a letter independently, but together the felt that could comprehensively address my performance as a student. I was accepted into 4 programs with that as one of my letters, so I don't think it's a problem.
  5. This was feedback I received from three different people in academia whom I have developed relationships with over the last few years - all at different universities, and none knew one another - 2 in clinical and 1 in counseling. I did not seek advice from any of these people during my initial application cycle but went to them afterward to seek further advice on how to improve my application. All three explicitly stated that they have experienced this at each of the universities they have worked at and in talking to colleagues it seems to be common that it is harder to get into a clinical p
  6. This sounds very much like me last year. I'm an older applicant, married, and was in my last year of my master's program in Counseling Psych when I applied last year, I only received 1 interview and ultimately was waitlisted and then rejected from that school. It was my 4th time applying for PhD programs (long story I'd be glad to explain if it's important), I had done everything that had been suggested to me to do to be the best possible candidate and it was soul crushing to not get in. My biggest two weaknesses of my application were that my research experience had never led to publicatio
  7. I came in to each interview with a list of questions for each person that I was interviewing with. Most of the time, I tried to make my questions conversational, and would try to dovetail off of things we already mentioned in the interview, and sometimes if I had limited time and several important questions that I really wanted answered, I just went down through the list to make sure I fit them in. The questions were things that would be helpful in determining if the program is the right fit - mentorship/communication style questions for POI, collaboration opportunities and general program q
  8. This should say, if you already have completed a practitioner focused graduate degree.....I got to typing too fast.
  9. In your last year of undergrad, I highly recommend finding a lab on your campus to volunteer with to get some experience with research, and a volunteer or paid work experience with a crisis center or local mental health facility to get some experience in a counseling/helping role. These experiences will help to give you a better idea of what you want in your professional life and provide good experience to put on your CV in applying for graduate programs. There are several graduate programs which can lead to a career in mental health, but they take different lengths of time, have vastly
  10. I didn't get any particularly unusual questions - mostly why I was pursuing a PhD, what my goals were after the program, what my research interests are and why I thought they fit with that professor, my previous research experience, previous professional experience, and I got a couple of programs which asked why counseling psych vs clinical, and why I was attracted to their training model. One program had two practical application sections of the interview, so as a group we had to decide on an empirical study and design in about 30 mins then present it, and the other as a pair we had to watch
  11. Hey everyone! I just accepted an offer of admission to the Counseling Psych PhD program at UTK and will be moving there in August. Since y'all have been there for a year now, do you have any suggestions for moving and adjusting to Knoxville?
  12. I just committed to a program today and released my other offers. I am simultaneously over the moon and absolutely terrified. I know I made the right decision for me, but there were so many amazing programs to choose from that I can't help but wonder "what if". So I'm trying to distract myself with packing and looking into housing options in my soon to be new home.
  13. Today I officially accepted my offer from the University of Tennessee Knoxville Counseling Psych PhD program. I'm so excited! Is anyone else moving to Knoxville soon too?
  14. Has anyone heard any more recent info from Georgia State since we received the strange email last week?
  15. Interesting. I've never heard of that before, but I've only looked at APA accredited programs, and they don't accredit any EdD programs at all. It sounds like you're interested in licensure. What sort of work are you interested in after you complete your degree and are you looking at programs in the US or Canada?
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