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  1. topsailpsych

    To re-take the GRE or not

    I applied last season and was rejected from all schools I applied to, so I'm gearing up to apply again this year, likely with a heavier emphasis on counseling programs than clinical this time around. My original plan was to re-take the GRE to try to improve my score, but everyone I've talked to thus far has told me not to bother. I got a 156 Q, 159 V and a 5.0 Writing. I know these are at least adequate scores, but I don't feel like they're stellar. So, if you were in my shoes, would you go ahead and take it again or would you focus your time and energy on other areas (namely getting 4 papers ready to submit)?
  2. topsailpsych

    Put off Applications until Completion of Master's?

    If you can afford the application fees and the work load of submitting applications along with the requirements of finishing up a Master's program (thesis, comprehensive exams, etc.), then I would say there's no harm in going ahead and applying this year. Each cycle is it's own beast and there's no telling how competitive you might be one cycle to the next. Even if you get rejected the first time, your current plan becomes your plan B and you apply again next year, and this first cycle gives you information regarding where you need to improve your application for the next cycle. Two of the schools I applied to this cycle stated that this cycle was exceptionally competitive and that if I had applied last cycle (in the middle of my 1st year of my Master's program) I would have at least been interviewed and very possibly would have been extended an offer just because the previous cycle was less competitive. So you never know how each cycle is going to shake out and perhaps you'll get several good offers this cycle, which cuts your wait time to where you ultimately want to be.
  3. I'm a career changer, so my path has been a little circuitous. I first applied for a clinical psych PhD program at 24 and was rejected. Applied for clinical psych PhD again at 25 and was rejected again. Applied to a grad cert program in positive psych at 26 and was accepted. Completed that an applied for a counseling psych PhD program at 28, was rejected for PhD but accepted into the MEd program. I applied for clinical and counseling psych PhD programs this past fall at 30 and was rejected by all. I have had virtually no research experience through everything, so after I complete my MEd next month I'm going to spend a year doing research and hopefully publishing like crazy then applying again this fall at 31. Everyone has a different path to graduate study. If you feel you're ready to commit yourself to a graduate program now, there's no harm in going ahead and applying. If you feel you need a few years of a break from school, there's no harm in taking some time away and returning in a year or two or ten... Finances can certainly complicate decision making, but you'll make the decision that's right for your situation. And truly there's really no wrong path to grad school. Your path is your own. Good luck!
  4. topsailpsych

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    I'm officially joining this bandwagon. I received my final rejection this morning, so I'll be trying to figure out what I can do over the next year to improve my application and where I might want to apply. I imagine I'll take the GRE and the Psych Subject tests again. I also need to find a new research team to work with. I started working with a brand new research team last fall and we have been in the early stages of some interesting research, but the PI just announced that she's leaving and moving overseas. Since we're no where near ready to publish anything we've been working on, I'm a little worried that time has been a waste. Where have y'all found research opportunities?
  5. topsailpsych

    Fall 2018 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    Finally got an interview invite! School: University of Hawaii Manoa Type: PhD Date of invite: 2/20 Type of invite: Email from POI Interview date(s): 2/23
  6. topsailpsych

    PhD Fall 2018 Applicants

    I'm on that train too. Is it too early to start a Fall 2019 applicant thread?
  7. topsailpsych

    Fall 2018 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    Did you interview with UMSL?
  8. topsailpsych

    Let’s just TALK about it...

    I completely understand that feeling. I haven't been offered an interview from any of the 14 schools I applied to yet and the thoughts about "what did I do wrong so that I didn't stand out" have been strong. I'm looking at taking a year or two off to do research and apply again. But being an older grad student to begin with, the idea of delaying the time I will finally get into my career by an extra year or two is painful. At this point I'm going to be at least 40 before I finish my PhD.
  9. What would be the consequences in your current program if you only registered for one class for the next two semesters? Or maybe you could talk with your advisor about taking a year off to do research? That would allow you to not have to drop out of your program in case applications don't go your way, but it would keep you from continuing to going into too much more debt for the year.
  10. topsailpsych

    Fat PhD Applicant

    I am also on the overweight side and in a group interview (a couple of years ago, not this cycle) each person was asked a question by the panel. Everyone was asked very different questions from each panelist, except me - I was asked by all three slight variations of questions self-care, fitness and what I do when I'm stressed. Based upon my experience, I would think through and have solid answers for your self-care routine - are you an artist, do you garden, do you read/write fiction, etc. I can't say this will happen to you, but since self-care is such a hot topic, it may be something that comes up. As long as you have a solid answer about things you do to take care of yourself that should help. And as others have said, you seem confident in your interview skills, so just embracing that and letting others see your confidence will go a long way.
  11. What did your mentors do for you in your process of applying? What did they offer to do? What was most helpful? What do you wish you could have had help with?
  12. topsailpsych

    PhD Fall 2018 Applicants

    I'm in the same boat nicokren. What's your plan B you're working on?
  13. topsailpsych

    Group interviews - clinical scenarios

    We used his book in my Clinical Assessment and Treatment Planning class in my Master's degree program and it really helped me to conceptualize treatment planning. It might be a good option to quickly learn the basics of treatment planning: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1609186494/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 If you don't already have a copy of the DSM 5, it might be worth going ahead and getting one then taking a flip through it to familiarize yourself with some of the most common disorders and the differential diagnoses for those disorders (which are conveniently listed in the section for each of the disorders). Good luck!
  14. topsailpsych

    "DM me your POI" thread

    Can the who posted about being contacted by University of Hawaii Manoa today please PM me the initials of your POI? Thank you!
  15. topsailpsych

    Fall 2018 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    SLU typically reaches out in the last week of January, so I imagine next week or the week after people will start to hear from them.

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