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  1. I second this. I got 79% percentile on the Psych GRE, and I was worried that that was too low. I personally don't think it impacted whether or not I received interview invites--maybe it took me out of the running for the top top tier schools, but who knows. I think as long as you get at least 80%, then you should be okay--especially since your psych GPA is good. All that being said, if you plan to apply to Clinical Psychology PhD programs, my experience was that most programs do NOT require a Psych GRE score. Some may encourage it, or allow you to send it, but most do not require it. Ther
  2. On Wednesday (two days ago), I officially accepted my offer at Kent State University for their Clinical Psychology doctoral program. My concentration will be in child health psychology. I am very much looking forward to it!
  3. Would the VCU poster in the results page who accepted via email March 13th please kindly message me your POIs initials? Much appreciated!
  4. Hello! Would the people accepted to VCU kindly tell me the initials of their POI? Much appreciated! :)
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