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  1. After a tough choice between UC Berkeley and VCU -- stoked to say I'll be going to VCU come August : )
  2. I had just emailed the PI 10 minutes earlier to thank them for the interview and was totally surprised by the quick turnaround!
  3. This may be a good start but I would also just email labs you are interested in. I did this and if the PIs didn't have anything available for me, they forwarded my information to other PIs : )
  4. Maybe check if they have an accepted students day or something? This could potentially slow down the waitlist? I am visiting a program (next weekend) that I was offered admission to earlier on that I had only Skyped interviewed at. After this I’ll be making my decision. Perhaps others are doing the same?
  5. Received the official offer letter in the mail today for VCU’s Clinical program! Happy Fat Tuesday, everyone!!
  6. ^^^ everything in that link + I would send my CV as opposed to resume
  7. Research all the way! These experiences tend to speak for themselves and you can pull a lot from this training when working on personal statements and interviews!
  8. Has everyone that didn't get an interview invite to U Kansas received their official rejection letter? It has been radio silence for me but I saw people post official rejections on the results page.
  9. I've actually had this happen a couple of times and all of those instances resulted very positively for me! I would say just try to stay positive : )
  10. I had a schedule conflict in which I had already agreed to interview at another place on the interview weekend for this school (where I will be going to admitted students day). This will be my first time going to the school and officially meeting everyone in person.
  11. Ugh -- the admitted student day being in mid-March is a bummer. I actually have not visited a program that I was accepted into (skype interviews) and really want to get a feel for it before deciding.
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