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  1. Declined at Idaho State University’s clinical psych program. Excellent program and genuine people!
  2. Officially accepted the offer from University of Utah's School Psychology program. SO PSYCHED!!! Mountains here I come 😭
  3. Thank you @yeahsouh! Is anyone attending University of Utah's school psychology program? I am narrowing down my options and this program seems to be a very likely possibility for me. Just waiting to hear back about funding.
  4. Great! Thank you so much for the insight! Would you mind telling me who your POI is?
  5. Hi! CONGRATS!! When did you hear back from them? I have a friend who interviewed for the program but hasn't heard back yet.
  6. Gotcha! If and when they get to me on the waitlist, would the expectation be that I would get an admission offer or would they want to do an interview prior? Ha! This sounds delusional since it looks like it's pretty much impossible, especially given the caliber of the program. But I guess it doesn't hurt to ask!
  7. I have a question regarding waitlists. Has anyone been waitlisted pre-interview and heard from the school? I'm interested in knowing about the process for waitlists before an interview. I'm assuming if any admitted students decline, they may then go into the post-interview waitlist? And then if those don't work out they go into the pre-interview waitlist? Or maybe the pre-interview waitlist is in case they have interviewees decline an interview? Not sure what to think. The program I was waitlisted to is one of my top programs and it has better funding options than the other top program I've be
  8. I agree with @TiredOfApps that although you want to make sure your reasoning makes sense, at the of the day you also want to end up somewhere you’ll be happy. My interests are very specific to a particular population, age and condition. I applied to and interviewed with a couple of programs whose emphases were more broad and not necessarily in line with my interests. There was however, one professor at each school with research and clinical work related to my population of interest. I made sure to emphasize my interest in their work and really voice my passion for working with that popula
  9. What are your interests? You will also likely want to look for programs with clinical opportunities that match your population of interest or your theoretical approach interest. Some programs lean more heavily on certain populations (especially if they have special access to the population due to geographic location; ex. rural v. urban populations) or have faculty with more expertise or interests related to specific approaches or theoretical values (ex. CBT). If you want more breadth of training, then a generalist program might be best.
  10. This is extremely helpful! Thank you so much for the insight. Food was one of the things we were worried about, although I kept reading about diversity of food choices in the city.
  11. I'm hoping to give them gear from the university I will be accepting to with a handwritten thank you note; possibly a nice pen.
  12. No, I just received the call today. Were you waitlisted?
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