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  1. Note: I haven't done any behavioral economics beyond courses my undergraduate degree but I have done courses in related fields such as neuroeconomics. I would say being so-so in math is devastating. You might be able to pass the behavioral classes with very little math (depending on which stem of behavioral economics your professor is teaching), but you'll be competing to even get in the program with people that have heavy math backgrounds (unless you're going to a bad school). I would suggest getting at least intermediate level econometrics, real analysis, calc I & II (I would
  2. Cgpa isn't that terrible especially if it has a good explanation. Can you retake calc I and maybe II ? I don't think it'd be a deal breaker. I got in to most programs I applied to (including my #1 choice at a high ranked school in Canada) after doing poorly in calc II. Make sure you do well in intermediate micro and macro. I recommend reading ahead to ensure you do well. (In my case I got near perfect marks on all econ courses to make up for doing poorly in calc II). Try Neilsons free textbook for grad school economics, especially the chapter with lagrangians and you'll laugh through the
  3. I've accepted an offer from my future school but I don't know how to thank my LoR writers, is it appropriate to give all 3 of them a 25-50$ gift certificate?
  4. Just got my first one a couple hours ago. I was in bed and checked my email first thing after I woke up. I've been really, really stressed the last couple of weeks (to the point where I think it's been impacting my health), so this was a huge load off my shoulders
  6. I don't know how it is for American universities or anything (I applied to only Canadian ones) but the application sites will tell you what stage of the process your application is in. ie. Under review with graduate admissions, file sent to the faculty for review, and so on. Possibly. 😕
  7. Another Friday gone, still radio silence, but at least all my applications are at the faculty level now. I believe a lot of the universities I applied to have a reading week next week and this week and the next is traditionally when decisions come out from them, so we'll see. To make matters worse, my girlfriend has been fighting with me since she doesn't want me to be away for so long while she finishes her degree and basically told me to 'learn to code' instead. Yeah. That happened. She wants me to do another undergraduate in computer science because ?? I have no idea where she got the idea
  8. I've only checked my email once, soon to be twice today. I feel like today is not the day.
  9. I'd put an asterisk and a red flag next to that school. A twenty minute conversation about something like that? Unless their program website suggests you put your advisor on your CV, I'm not sure how a first time applicant would know to put that.
  10. It sounds like neither. It could be that your university has just narrowed down the applicant pool but has not made final decisions on which applicants to accept. So if they have a short list of 25 applicants, maybe only 15 will get accepted but they still haven't decided which of those 15 applicants it will be. If that makes sense.
  11. I think mine will start coming in two weeks or so but still checking email and all my application portals constantly even though I know its the weekend and theres no chance to hear anything right now. Applied to 5, wish I applied to 10 just in case.
  12. I don't know, but if I wanted a top 50 school in your shoes, I'd be taking the GRE again and studying hard for it...
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