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  1. Hi everyone, just wanted to know if we have any whatsapp groups for the incoming fall 2019 students? Did anyone of you receive scholarship notifications yet? Received the offer today.
  2. I don't know what to expect! Deadlines for other universities are approaching. Being an international student there are other things too to manage. Guess time to stop waiting for this school.
  3. It seems like they are going to torture us till April or May or maybe June too! Was just going through the last year's posts in this forum. Will be more than happy if proven wrong!! The wait along with the anxiety is killing me!
  4. Hello everyone! I don't know if this gives us any basis to consider that results will be posted shortly. As mine completion date was 15th Feb and it has been weeks that my completion date is missing.
  5. Same feeling here! The real pain is the deadline to accept the offers from other colleges is also approaching. Didn't know these ppl take so much time!
  6. Hello, I have been recently accepted to the MS HCI program at RIT for Fall 2019. I have started a new topic to interact with my future classmates here. Let's discuss together the course structure, cost of attendance, scholarship, and internship/co-op opportunities. It would also be fun to get to know each other. This might also be a good place to discuss housing if people are looking for roommates. Looking forward to connecting with awesome people!
  7. Same here... They are making the wait more difficult by releasing the decisions in installments! I have applied for HCI too. Honestly, now all it matters is that they just let us know what is their decision.
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