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  1. For those who have already received a response, does your application portal still look the same?
  2. My application was confirmed on Jan 14th on the portal but was notified by email on Jan 18th
  3. I noticed that other MS applicants in different departments are in a similar position as us in regards to not hearing back this late in the year. Also for people who are still waiting to hear back, are you all international students?
  4. Does anyone know any programs that are still accepting Master applicants for Fall?
  5. I emailed them yesterday to ask when we could expect results. Unsurprisingly they responded today with late March. Fortunately, tomorrow is the last working day in late March so maybe they're doing the whole Friday release thing?
  6. This isn't to say that they have stopped responding to admission results because I have no clue if they have. I'm just personally focusing on my other options because at this point all my hopes are gone
  7. Looks like they responded to the rest of the applicants today. Still no word for me even though I received confirmation on the 14th of Jan. I guess it's time to officially give up. 😞
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