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  1. I'm dying right now.... The wait is horrible.... Does your friend know when the financial aid statements will come out? Although the decision is the first step, financial aid will also be a huge factor for many of us.
  2. That makes me feel a little better I am sort of focusing on HCI, but it's more like UX/UI. I'll be very social- and accessibility-focused, though, because of my background in Psych/SW. In other news, I was looking at the UMSI site today and saw this: https://www.si.umich.edu/news-events/events/msi-visiting-days-event-admitted-students Anyone think we'll get to have this ??
  3. I applied back in ~October. I asked admissions and they said around 6-8 weeks from the January 15th deadline, so we should start hearing back in the next few weeks, I hope! My background is in Psychology and Social Work, and not necessarily technology... I hope that won't hurt my application ?
  4. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to start a forum on those waiting for admission to Fall 2018 University of Michigan School of Information Master's program! Here is a space for you to discuss your worries, get information from others applying, and ask about acceptances/denials. We're all in the same boat! UMSI '18!!
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