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  1. OMG congratulations!!!! That's awesome!
  2. We're all rooting for you!!! And living through your situation as we agonizingly wait for developments in our own 😁
  3. I think you can both answer their question and deflect a little bit. You could tell them: "I have received offers at two other programs. {Program} is my top choice, and if accepted, I would definitely attend." That way you answer their question, but they won't be worried you'd turn them down!
  4. I have no information for you but I relate to this so much. Why won't my program just reject me already??? Then I can at least move on with my life
  5. I can't believe it's still not OVER!!! First I visited, they told me I was a great applicant and they introduced me around. Then they interviewed me over and over. Then they waitlisted me (which I took as a rejection). Then they told me I'm high up on the waitlist. This saga has been almost a year of my life at this point, and I just want to know if I can move on or not.
  6. Thanks!! Honestly my backup plan is great, I have a really nice job offer in a great city. Plus, the PI said he really hopes I reapply if he can't admit me this year. So things will be ok if I don't get in, but I just want to KNOW!
  7. YESS do it. The application season is ok – I only applied to one program and it's extremely selective, so I didn't think I'd get in. Well, it turns out I did a good enough job to be #1 on the waitlist for only 1 spot. So now I'm just waiting around to see if 1 person turns down this prestigious exciting offer or not.... yay....
  8. I think there's a way to do it without being pushy, for sure. You would probably rather be a little too aggressive than have nobody know who you are! You don't have much to lose! Dear Prof, I hope this email finds you well. I am a current applicant to Program at School, which is my top choice for graduate school. Your research in X, Y, Z is incredibly exciting, and it aligns very well with my own research and experience P and Q. I'm currently waitlisted for an interview at Program, and I wanted to reach out, because I am very interested in working in your lab. Sincerely, sgaw10 Something like this?? Idk this email is hard to write
  9. Also, if it's your top choice, and you will attend if accepted – tell them that!
  10. Omg, 5 waitlists!!! Stay strong! Do it! You want them to know who you are, and know you're interested. Aghhhhh. My PI said the admitted students weekend is soon and he might know more after that. To be honest, it's very rare for anyone to turn down this program, so my hope is probably futile...
  11. Reached out to PI for an update after a month of no news. Nothing yet blehh
  12. Same! My PI at Dream School says he might not be able to get me off the waitlist this year, but that I'm really close and he really hopes I apply again next year if it doesn't work out
  13. I feel the same way – it'd be so hard to give up my dream school waitlist, but a definite job would be worth it
  14. This is sorta similar to my situation! I have a job offer that was supposed to expire after 10 days, but they're kindly giving me a month because I'm on a waitlist I've been very transparent with them about grad school. I would be totally honest with everyone involved. Reach out to your schools if you do get the job offer, and ask if you can have an update sooner. Talk to your contact for your new job, inform them of the situation, and ask for an extension on your offer. They might say yes, they might say no. My job offer has been very accommodating, but if they had put their foot down, I would probably have removed myself from the waitlist. Are you willing to do this? If not, you might have to say goodbye to a really nice job, you're playing a game of probability here! Also, hold onto the little delays – schedule your job interview for as late as you can If you do get the job offer, you could send something like this: Dear XXX, Thank you so much, I am ecstatic about this wonderful opportunity with XXX! I very much enjoyed my conversations with X, Y, and Z person, and am excited to move forward. There is one more component to my situation that I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you. In addition to applying to work at XXX, I have also applied to a graduate school program, and I will receive my final result from the school by mid-April. This exciting offer with XXX company is my priority, but because the graduate school application is a months-long process, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to see it through if possible. Is there any way I could receive an extension on my offer to accommodate for this timeline? Sincerely, Dwar
  15. Omg, four waitlists!!! I can't even imagine, sending all my energy for you two to get off your waitlists soon
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