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  1. At this point I don't know why it catches me off guard every week, but I always flip out when I see an email from Penn. then I read that it's for their applied student chat. Stop playing games with my heart 😭
  2. This is what their email said: "Thank you for applying to the Rice Bioengineering Ph.D. program. Our faculty are impressed with your prior accomplishments, and believe you have excellent potential to succeed in our program. However, admissions is extremely competitive this year, and we have added you to our waitlist. We will inform you as soon as possible whether we will be able to proceed with an interview, or if we will not be able to offer you a position." I did not interview. Their weekend is not until the end of this month, unfortunately. But from this it sounds like although I am waitlisted, I would still have to do an interview if a spot opens up. This was sent to me exactly a month ago, which is early to me. I know their department is small, too. I should probably not get my hopes up though
  3. I feel you. I am waitlisted for an interview at Rice, and it's driving me crazy!
  4. Has anyone here heard from Duke and or have any idea if they're done sending interview invites?
  5. It would be nice to hear anything from any program soon ?
  6. sgaw10

    Is anyone else just way too anxious?

    Thank you so much! I hope I end up having options, though. But it only takes one, after all, so the first acceptance feels relieving. Sending good vibes your way. You got this!
  7. sgaw10

    The Positivity Thread

    Boston seems like a super likable city. I would love to live there. Hopefully the department and faculty are on point, too.
  8. Lol my LinkedIn profile had 14 views this week. Could just be random coincidence but that's an all time high for me.
  9. sgaw10

    The Positivity Thread

    Thank you! Honestly, I'm really hoping something turns around this month so that I actually have options, you know?But having that first acceptance is such a relief. Hope good news also comes your way.
  10. sgaw10

    The Positivity Thread

    I'm going to grad school!!!!!!!!!
  11. Accepted at WashU! It's nice to have good news for once
  12. Okay, world. Please test my sanity by sending me more rejections this week. Just gonna prepare for that from now on ?
  13. I believe we both were part of today's rejection wave. I'm not sure why there are a few left who haven't heard yet or received earlier rejections, though. Maybe still trying to figure out funding?
  14. Where else did you apply?

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