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  1. Just saw the email. GEM Fellow also!
  2. Congrats!! I haven’t seen/received anything yet.
  3. Any updates on confirmation?
  4. I honestly think there are a few keywords that they look for in the reviews, especially this year since NSF skipped one step in the review process (i.e., two four-hour discussions with reviewers via webcam). For instance, my three reviewers explicitly stated my application was excellent and deserving of a fellowship award. My scores were VG/E, VG/E, VG/E. I don’t know why they gave VG with such amazing comments (not bragging, VG is actually very good ), but what was explained earlier could be a factor in here - maybe those reviewers didn’t give many VG but when they did, it weighted a lot more
  5. Hey do you know if we have to email the CO for the proposed institution? Like I know we have to email the CO listed, but that person changes if the institution was changed.
  6. ¡Pa' lante! (I hope you understand Spanish?) --- keep going forward! We at the BME/BIOE chat are SO proud of you!! And besides, this is just the first attempt - you'll get them next year or the next one. I also didn't have a mentor/faculty to help/review, but sometimes we have to work with what we have at the moment. And you know what? It makes you grow, in all aspects. Don't be hard on yourself. After all, you are on an awesome fellowship and have plenty of time to come up with a stronger application for NSF (and I can help if you'd like!).
  7. VG/E, VG/E, VG/E - AWARDED!!! Undergrad in ME/ChE going for Bioengineering PhD.
  8. Hahaha yeah, I was low key expecting it to be right after midnight, but I guess we have to wait a little longer.
  9. "By April 29, 2019, NSF will send you an email with instructions on how to accept or decline this offer and view your application reviews. The deadline to accept or decline this offer is May 15, 2019. In the instructions, NSF will also include details for your institution about the fellowship disbursement." Didn't you all read this? ... Tomorrow's the day -- they already made some changes in the FastLane website for us fellows. For instance, instructions on how to accept the award are included in "View/Print Fellowship Award Offer Letter", second page. I believe we can only accept on
  10. Thank you very much, @IceCream & MatSci ! Many congratulations to you on your GEM Fellowship, the $ummer intern$hip, and admission to a terrific BME program!! Thanks @ray92 ! Do you happen to know if the transcripts would be okay even if the degree hasn't been conferred?
  11. Also phew, I just read that the deadline to accept was yesterday. I’m glad I checked the system yesterday night. 😅😅😅😅
  12. Until when do we have for the pic? I had given up with GEM but was offered the University-level (Associate)...sooo lol help I’m lost here. 😞
  13. Extremely happy to share with you all that I will be accepting my offer of admission to the University of Pennsylvania!
  14. I think you don't need to explain yourself unless you had committed. A thank you note should be enough. Don't feel guilty for what you want - this is our time to be selfish!
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