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  1. Great. We can start messaging as it seems like we both will end up there!
  2. I think both schools are great. Rankings are usually for people who need that kind of confirmation. I personally believe UF is growing a lot, and that now it is in an exciting stage. My recommendation would be to think of the research and if you’ll be happy. The weather in Florida is awesome and Baltimore sucks, but that’s my opinion. Lastly, no program will create your success - only you can.
  3. Awesome data! I also got accepted to UIUC’s ME PhD and I am strongly considering it. I spent a summer there and it is not that bad + you get to save a lot of money. People are really nice, too. Do you mind sharing how much is the RA stipend? I got the MechSE fellowship ($25k over 9-months) for the first year and was offered RA for the remaining of my PhD time, but they didn’t mention how much, they just said it is similar.
  4. Congrats!!! I just know that there are two ways: either direct entry or possible rotation. When did you interview? For sure you shouldn’t be freaking out, I am 😭 Edit: and yeah, maybe that is why, since I’ve seen that people have posted that they’ve gotten matched with just one of their interviewers. Hopefully they have started the round of acceptances with people having more than one PI with you.
  5. Hm. Weird. I thought the acceptance would happen if a PI wants you. Did you mean interviewed instead?
  6. Yes, I think that too. One of my interviewers was recruiting at the three weekends, so I guess that may be a reason why I haven’t heard back yet. PS. Congrats!
  7. Same as you, friend. Lowkey freaking out.
  8. MIT ain't the only place doing good science. Think of other things - have you talked with POIs at UCLA? I personally think it's not worth waiting a year. What if you don't get in next year? There may be a chance that the applicant pool is extremely competitive (more than this year's) and/or cuts in funding which means fewer spots. After all, a Ph.D. is a Ph.D. everywhere, what makes it different is 1) your effort/enthusiasm and 2) PI. Not necessarily in that order. Good luck!
  9. Remember to think of those who want you and consider you as an amazing scholar (which we all here are)! I just wanted to let you all know - we aren’t alone!!!
  10. I don’t see how it affects you if you want to consider academia, unless you would really like to work at the university you declined after accepting. (maybe??) I’m not encouraging anyone to do that (God, no!), but I know people who went through this, explained the situation, and are fine. It depends on the university involved, how much time between accepting and declining, and how you managed to communicate with POIs. But my recommendation for @namle is to wait a little longer. I don’t know how that works for international students, but it would be rude if you accept now and, let’s say you hear back by April 14 from other school, you decline it. (A month after.) Maybe check how long does the visa process take and make a decision based on that. Also, wouldn’t the university you pick complete the visa process? You also need to think of that. I don’t think they would stop the process, but don’t give it as a fact that they will be okay with you backing out. Also, think of the people who are waitlisted at that program - maybe some of them really want it. In conclusion, avoid explaining why you would like to decline an offer after accepting it by waiting a little longer. 😃
  11. By no means you should decide before April 15th. Did you ask why? That’s a red flag for me, tbh. By the signature, TAMU? 😂
  12. drfigue

    2019 GEM Fellowship

    Thank you, but I don’t think I have been rejected...just yet. Haha! What I mean is that the system (GEM) seems to be a bit crazy.
  13. drfigue

    2019 GEM Fellowship

    I just saw one of mine that says 'Denied Admission', lmao - I just had an interview at that school this weekend.....the system is broken (though I am scared, lol).
  14. drfigue

    3.7 GPA or lower acceptances

    I don't know in Philosophy, but you should go for it. Don't let a number stop you!

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