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  1. drfigue

    How do you spend the days?

    I also have bad dreams - it's horrible! Although I've been accepted, I don't know anything about funding yet so it's like...wth is going to happen if I don't get awarded a fellowship? It's beyond sad this whole process. I wish you all the best!!!
  2. drfigue

    How do you spend the days?

    I should start working out, again---I, too, am a mess trying not to freak out over the stress. Hahaha, yes, I have summer all year long. And I will probably move to someplace like that. Hahaha. Good luck with your applications!
  3. drfigue

    How do you spend the days?

    That's great that you've established communication with potential PIs, and even more at your top choice (woohoo!!!). I know the feeling - I was doing a coop when I first looked for summer internships and that was my worst performance EVER. And you're right, it got even worse when I got accepted, hahaha. Best of luck with your applications and I hope for you to end up being happy with the results!
  4. drfigue

    How do you spend the days?

    Hey, Y'all! I wanted to create this topic so we could talk about how we spend our days while waiting for responses. From my side, I started watching soap opera with my grandmother and everything we do is laugh about the characters. I am taking just a few credits to graduate and it's been hard for me to ignore my email, which is one of my daily goals. Other than that, I've been to the beach (Caribbean boi), have started a couple of TV shows on Netflix, and have learned more about cooking.
  5. Maybe March/April? You could go to the Results page to look for dates from past years. Best of luck!
  6. If I were you, I'd start contacting potential PIs and ask them to put you in contact with their graduate students. The students could give you Skype/Facetime tours and talk to you about other stuff you may be interested in. Congratulations on your admission!
  7. Fantastic!!!! So happy for you!
  8. University Of California, San Francisco Biomedical Sciences, PhD (F19) Rejected via E-mail on 18 Jan 2019 ♦ A 22 Jan 2019 report spam I wasn't going to be extra about it, but I received the rejection email three different times, so in the light of that... fu** you too UCSF. I didn't want your overpriced housing anyway I'd be mad, too.
  9. drfigue

    Ready As I'll Ever Be

    I second @Moods - I am no longer a Facebook-er. I love your posts.
  10. Try to focus on other stuff. Go out, have coffee, talk to friends, etc. One of my PIs said that it is still early to worry. He stressed that I should at least wait until mid-Feb. I am sure we all here will hear good news soon!
  11. drfigue

    2019 GEM Fellowship

    What...contact GEM asap!!!
  12. drfigue

    2019 GEM Fellowship

    Makes sense. Now what? Back to the pool? Haha
  13. You can edit it in the signature settings - there's a bar like the one above in here.

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