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  1. Anybody else receive the email today?
  2. Thank you. I received an email saying that GEM signed my contract.
  3. Just checked egem, the portal states I am a GEM Fellow!!!!
  4. @IceCream & MatSci I did receive that
  5. Anybody see that link yet?
  6. Did that link show up to for anybody?
  7. @IceCream & MatSci Same here. Hopefully its useful!!!
  8. @Nait That is awesome! Me too!
  9. Any update from anyone? Has anyone received rejections or acceptances emails?
  10. @IceCream & MatSci @cjmags I have not heard anything either but I start mine this week!
  11. Any updates from anyone? Has anyone started their internships yet?
  12. @IceCream & MatSci Okay, me neither!
  13. Has anyone received any formal acceptances or rejections?
  14. @drfigue You also don't have to give them a picture, you can still receive the Gem Fellowship without providing them one.
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