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  1. And the fact that they can't commit to giving all decisions by a certain date makes me angry. During every "chat" the Asst. director of grad admissions says they're still making decisions. I've been waiting since I interviewed during their first weekend over 2 months ago!
  2. My unfortunate grad school season comes to an end. I applied to 3 bioengineering programs and interviewed at two of them. Both interviews went well but POIs didn't have funding to support me. And since I'm international, I'm not eligible for departmental fellowships. I guess I'll have to start preparing for the next season and apply to more schools. Congrats to everyone that got in and good luck :) And for those who are in the same boat as me, I wish you luck with your future endeavors. Keep in touch if you're applying next year!
  3. Congrats! Did you get an email from the program administrator? I'm still waiting... I interviewed during the first weekend
  4. I hope they let us know soon! Hang in there, friend.. That makes sense. Congrats I'm guessing next week too! Btw, congrats on Hopkins.
  5. Any word from UPenn's BioE? It's been a month since the first interview weekend (I know it's only been 4 days since their last weekend, but still..). I've only seen one post on the results page.
  6. I understand your frustration. I'm an international student and I went through this when I applied for Masters programs 3 years ago. In terms of getting VISA on time, you'll have plenty. All programs are obligated to let you know before April 15th and most programs don't start until late August.
  7. I agree!! I need that list already.. For Hopkins, I'm going to the second weekend.
  8. For those attending UPenn interview session next week, have you received a list of faculty you're interviewing with?
  9. Hey everyone! I'm an international applicant and I was super stressed about applying to neuro programs since my background is in engineering (applying to computational neuroscience). I applied to Stanford (neuro), Harvard (neuro), UCSD (neuro), Princeton (neuro), UCB-UCSF (Joint BioE), MIT-Harvard (HST), Upenn (BioE). Good luck to everyone and I hope to meet you guys at interviews!
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