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  1. Is UPenn cancelling their last visit as well? It is scheduled to happen tomorrow through Saturday.
  2. According to SEAS graduate admissions coordinator, the decisions will be made available this week by GSAS. I reached out to them over phone.
  3. I know that they sent out invitation for interviews in late January. Unfortunately, unless a lot of those invitees turn down interview request, they are unlikely to invite more students.
  4. Unfortunately, I was one of those unsettled interviewees. I attended their first interview weekend (Feb 13th to 15th) and did not hear back anything until first week of April. I had to reach out multiple times and the admissions chair told - "Although there was faculty interest, we do not have fellowships/funding to support you". This is more applicable to international students as I was not qualified for fellowships. Other friends of mine who are US citizens, received their admits about a week after the final interview weekend. It's rather sad that these top programs don't have fellowships in place to fund international students during first year of study. On a side-note, try not to spend too much out-of-pocket during the visit. Their reimbursement process was a pain and I never received my ~$150 echeck. This year I got them to book Amtrak tickets instead of Driving and they're providing lyft credits for local travel. I guess that's an improvement I'm interviewing again this year (starting today) and hoping that they've fixed these issues. Good luck to you!
  5. Yea, I would reach out to the program director about how things are setup this year. I'm guessing that this varies with program. Particularly in the case of JHU BME, you're admitted through school of medicine (SOM) and not through school of engineering (WSE). SOM is majorly funded through federal money. But again, things might be different this year. Good luck to you'll.
  6. I'm not sure if things have changed from last year, but during the 2019-2020 application season, JHU BME didn't have fellowship for international students. When I interviewed, I was told by multiple faculty that the only way to get into the program as international student is RAship (join a lab). Only US citizens are eligible for fellowships which are funded using federal grants.
  7. Lol I didnt really get a chance to ask. I was speaking over the phone and she just mentioned that the process in still ongoing.
  8. I spoke to the graduate admissions coordinator and she told me that the program received about 4000+ applications this year and that the faculty is still going through some applications. I'm not sure if this is entirely true, or the only decisions left are "waitlist" and "rejects". Although unlikely that more acceptances are going out, I just wanted to share the news with you'll. Good luck!
  9. Hey! As an international student myself, who went through the admissions last year and again this year, I can provide you the inside story. Last year I applied to 3 bioE programs and got interview at UPenn and JHU (I did my masters here) & rejected at UCB-UCSF. I went through interviews at both places and even though I was well qualified on paper for Neuroengineering training grants (NIH T**), I couldn't get admitted due to my international status. My only option was to get funded as a Research Assistant and join a lab from day 1. Unfortunately, Professors are hesitant to fund students directly and would rather have them rotate on a training grant/federal fellowships before funding them as RAs. It's a very tough situation to be in. Other engineering programs like EE/CS has departmental fellowships and TA opportunities to fund international students. This year, I got an admitted to BU's BME program which has departmental fellowships irrespective of your citizenship status. I have an interview with UPenn again, which is dependent on getting an RAship. I'm still waiting to hear back from other schools. I wish I had better news, but it sucks to be international in NIH/NSF funded programs (BioE, Neuro etc.). I wish you good luck and hope this answer helps.
  10. Someone posted that they heard from Harvard PI about unofficial admit. Does anyone know if Harvard does 1 to 1 matching with faculty or admits into the program and the students decides an advisor over the first year?
  11. Assuming that all the acceptances were sent out, did anyone get into BioEECS?
  12. I reached out to their gsas admissions office and they told that the decisions should go out this week or next week.
  13. What's your research areas? I've applied to BioEECS.
  14. I highly doubt this is official. As far as past years are concerned, they send out admits during the week after Grad round up meetings. These meetings were schedule on 29, 30, and 31st Jan this year. Hopefully, we will hear next week.
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