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  1. Thanks, you too! I really enjoyed the open house day and people seem happy there.
  2. Hi guys, original poster here. It has been one crazy ride, and I have finally decided to join Boston U this fall (hopefully the COVID-19 thing won't push back the date...). Everyone here is so excellent and I hope that you will all get into your desired program. Who knows, maybe one day we will be colleagues. To future applicants: Good luck, don't be too stressed, and hopefully my profile and other profiles here can be useful references to obsess over. Wash your hand,
  3. I didn’t get that. Does anyone know whether they have finished sending invites? 😅 Same question for UW.
  4. Does BU BME not have a visit weekend? That's a shame. I was hoping to check out their labs.
  5. Yeah outside it says submitted. But I am talking about the application status when you click into the "View checklist" tab. What does yours show? Mine says incomplete but the checklist doesn't show anything missing.
  6. Btw does anyone’s Stanford application portal still says incomplete? Pretty sure I got everything in.
  7. Hahaha ikr it was 9 pm in the US too. I was very surprised.
  8. Just got an offer from Johns Hopkins! Seems like they just sent a large batch out, so I take back my words.
  9. Congrats! I will take that as a good sign that decisions are coming soon. I can't understand why they don't send a big batch on one day though. To create suspense for those who haven't heard anything? No thanks lol.
  10. Just saw an acceptance for Johns Hopkins. Anyone else heard back from them?
  11. If the trend is the same this year, interview emails will be spread out over January. Still not holding my breath though.
  12. Hey, glad to see another person interested in protein engineering. We seem rare lol. Hopefully we will run into each other during visits.
  13. At the interview round you should have a high chance of getting in. Congrats and good luck!
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