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  1. Did anyone here apply to RPI and have they heard anything from them?
  2. Hello everyone, I just wanted to check in about the following schools : UIowa, RPI, CU Boulder and Notre Dame. Does any one have any info on these? thanks
  3. I was told the fellowship decision is made in March. I guess we're interested in the same area, but I was talking about SM (POI at Iowa).
  4. Prof Kovenkliogu is the faculty advisor. He just advises you on courses you take till you get an actual advisor. He doesn't supervise graduate research. I probably wasted $$$ too since the majority of their research is focused on computations. They do have some Profs doing experimental stuff. I'm not confident at all about Iowa since I'm only interested in the one professor that does experimental work in the energy and climate research group. What research are you interested in?
  5. Has anyone heard from UMich recently? According to previous years' posts, they should be sending some results around this time. Also, anything from Purdue?
  6. Got admitted by Stevens on Friday, but no news on funding yet. Nothing from Iowa yet? Do you have any news from Iowa?
  7. I also applied to RPI. I don't think decisions come out till February based in previous posts on the results page. Does any have info on Purdue, UMich, CU Boulder, and Notre Dame?
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