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  1. Curious as well. My uni's department (R1) has a fairly even mix of cancer biology, biofuels, catalysis, computational and modeling, materials, polymers, and even process optimization. The one thing my department does not have is electrochemistry (afaik this field is becoming more and more uncommon amongst ChemE departments). Amongst applicants, I'd wager the most popular research field would be some form of bio-engineering, whether it be in biomaterials, biocatalysis, protein engineering/therapeutics, and synthetic biology.
  2. Stats are Ok but there are much bigger questions. What are your research interests? Are you aiming for masters or PhD programs? You definitely have very reasonable odds at chemical engineering programs ranked 50-100 and I would apply to a few higher ranked ones as well. But most important thing is to figure out what you actually want to work on and that's not something people can easily recommend without you providing more info.
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