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  1. I'm having the same problems, but with 2 Canadian schools, they don't have the national deadline like the US and their processing time is ridiculously long. So I ended up accept one offer just 15 minutes before the other one arrived (which I haven't heard anything from for 5 months until then) @_@. I'm writing to withdraw my acceptance from the first one, is there anyway I can word my e-mail wisely without sounding like a douche?
  2. Yep what you've got to lose? I contacted them to reaffirm that theirs is my top choice, I also attached my updated CV. Let's see how this goes, fingers crossed
  3. I haven't heard anything from UIUC, I applied on Dec 15 and I'm international I also applied to BU, NYU Tandon and Stevens, still nothing so far, total radio silence
  4. I think your second point is very true, especially in SE Asia region, I've learnt a lot more about top 20-50 US schools thanks to presenters introducing their grad schools in seminar talks. As an international student, I find it very difficult and confusing to understand US schools ranking and prestige, those seminars helped a lot.
  5. Thanks mate, congrats and good luck on your other apps
  6. I didn't apply to ChemE but isn't deadline for PhD at Stevens Jan 30? How do you get a decision so early
  7. Big congrats, I am also anxiously waiting to hear anything from UIUC
  8. Wow your stats nearly matches mine, I am also from a 3rd world country in Asia and I'm applying to ECE/EECS at those schools: - US: UIUC, Boston U, NYU Tandon, Stevens UIUC and Boston chances are pretty meh, Tandon is a bit better I think, Stevens is my only real hope for US - Canada: UWaterloo (meh chance), YorkU and MUN (pretty better chance I guess) So yeah I'm also applying for a couple of jobs, always nice to have a backup plan ...
  9. It's Jan and all schools should be back to business starting today, I just wonder have anyone heard anything yet?
  10. Congrats ! So get married it is, now I just have to find somebody who's interested in this shithead of me.
  11. Whoaa, I don't know anything about this, just come here to congratulate you random internet fellow. Enjoy holidays !!
  12. Yay let's get this going. You're aiming very high without any safer school, good luck bro. For me I'm applying to UIUC, Boston U, UofToronto, UofWaterloo (MASc) and YorkU (MASc) I haven't heard from anywhere either, sigh.
  13. thean

    Chicago, IL

    Hi guys, I'm having an offer from IIT for $24k/year, as an Asian (who've never been outside of Asia), where should I focus to search for a room, preferably within walking distance (<3km) from IIT? Thanks guys.
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