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  1. I'm a 22 year old ma student and all my courses are online. As well, it seems the university has limited functions and all regarding places like the library, so I was wondering, what is a good way to go out and meet friends during this whole covid situation?
  2. I am going to do my masters there and was curious, through this degree, could I get a job/work into this area? I applied to Munk but it didn't go there as I wanted experience related to that so I am in Uottawa's polisci program and hope for a similar chance
  3. So I applied for an MA at UOttawa and for York in political science. Ottawa accepted me but still waiting to hear from york. I was wondering though, which university seems like the better option/choice for this program? I am hesistant on Ottawa as I need to take one course in french and my french isn't that good/rusty
  4. I got into Ottawa's politcal science for masters, can anyone tell me about it? I also applied to York, can anyone tell me about that one too?
  5. Video question for Munk is the bane of my existence. I keep fumbling near the end. Any tips for that part?
  6. I'm applying to Munk and am working on the video question. I've done practice for two days for 4 hours and get frustrated as i pause/stutter when I do and my sentences are jumbled. Any tips to help with this part?
  7. Hi all. I am an undergrad in my fourth year who is majoring in global development and during a minor in political science. I was looking at a masters and am interested in the munk school of global affairs. With my major, I was wondering, does it sound like a good path for me? What is the program like exactly and what should I expect from it maybe? I emailed them and they told me they are still accepting applications and I should aim to submit around early may. My GPA is around the 3.5 mark, so I was wondering, is that too low maybe?
  8. Has anyone on the waitlist heard back from UOFT? Louis said they will make offers first week of April and I am still under review when I check. Does it mean I am out or are decisions pending. I'm honestly scared to email/ask
  9. Got rejected by Waterloo UOFT is my last hope and I've been waitlisted
  10. I got waitlisted by my top choice and was curious, is it odd to like maybe contact them to try and increase my chances of getting into the university? If so, how would I go about doing that if it is considered ok?
  11. Got rejected by Carleton. Is there any hope for me? I applied to 5 schools and got rejected by 3/5 of them. Waiting on UOFT and Waterloo
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