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  1. Hi there, I applied to NPSIA last year and didn't have the ECON requirements ans that did not impact my application in any way. NPSIA accept students with or without the ECON requirements, but if you don't have them your offer is conditionnal upon completing said requirements before your first semester (i.e. september). A lot of students are accepted without the requirements, even in the first rounds of funding. I was accepted last year in the first round with funding and did not have the requirements, so not to worry there, they do not impact your application! Hope this help
  2. Got accepted as well this morning to the Master in International Affairs! :) Very happy about it !
  3. NPSIAs applicants: i just got my funding info, says I have around 5.5K in teaching assistant! question for you all, I also got 6.5K as a ' research scholarship' and 3.5K as a 'departmental scholarship 2'. So from what I understand, I got 10K in scholarship as well as 5.5K as a Taship for a total of about 15K, but I got no RaShip. Am I correct? Is research scholarship the same as RaShip? trying to understand to difference between these !
  4. Got admitted to Munk as well! I received no-funding on my end, still waiting to receive the official letter with funding from NPSIA to decide, as well as another program! funny story, I did not even complete the video portion of the application after submitting all the documents , because I figured at that time that I would definitely not go to Munk because of the tuitions fees, but got the admission offer anyway. I guess that part of the application was not very important! Lol decisions decisions decisions! Congrats to everyone who also got in!
  5. I get it. Still, it seems to me that 10-11 classes in 3 semesters are pretty manageable (I already have a master on my end so I've done it before). I'm also pretty sure you would be able to network and all during that time, but hey, that's just me!
  6. I have a question for NPSIA applicants, current students or alumni's. I see that the program is 5 credits, and courses are normally 0.5 credits, for a total of 10 courses. I was wondering how much time does it actually take to complete the program for a student that takes the coursework option. how many classes do students usually take per semester? Am I right when I say that you can complete the MA in 2-3 semesters, taking4-5 courses each? Is that realistic? I am still trying to correctly figure out the structure of the program.
  7. Accepted in NPSIA as well with funding with unofficial letter! Very curious to see what the funding will be congrats to everyone who got in!
  8. ElleG don't worry. I submitted my application in December and I am still 'recommended for assessment'. Clearly they have started reviewing some applications but I don't think there is any specific order. Our time will come soon!
  9. @Masters2020 I was wondering if you could share insights as to whether it is possible to do the coursework of the program in less than 2 years? I know that in some programs people are able to graduate in 1.5 years or even less, given that they take more classes per semester. Is that something that is possible? Have you heard of some students doing that? thank you!
  10. @gradstudent95 Hi there, experiencing similar issues on my follow up account. My file was 'under review' for3-4 weeks, and now it just changed back to 'application received:incomplete', event though I am 100% sure everything is completed and my documents have been uploaded more than 2 months ago. List of documents also appeared again, but had disappeared before. I would not worry too much about it. Probably a bug in their systems (that seem quite old btw). ProbAbly just means things are moving!
  11. NPSIA admission status just changed to 'recommended for assessment'. things are moving!
  12. Do you guys all have your ECON (micro/macro) requirements?
  13. Hey @snowflake96, I’m curious as to what made you chose GPSIA over NPSIA or Munk?
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